Are You Using a Temporary Workforce to Maximize Your Benefit?

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Could a Temporary Workforce Help this Year?

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Could you benefit from a temporary workforce this year


The first quarter 2018 just ended.  It is probably time for you to take another look at your workforce needs for the full year.

Do you have upcoming projects or seasonal peaks that might benefit from additional talent?

You may be worried about adding new employees to your company, but you can pass that commitment to a staffing agency and let them bear that risk.


Using a temporary workforce is a successful tactic for your firm if you’re using it the right way. Before connecting with a staffing agency, there are several considerations:


How Flexible is Your Workforce?

For many workers, having a flexible lifestyle is their routine.  That’s what attracts them to becoming and remaining part of the temporary workforce. They are looking for short-term jobs or flexible contractor schedules to fit into their way of life.  And they are dependable workers.  So why not take advantage of that resource?  Especially when you’re looking to bring someone on board for only a short period of time?


Consider Your Labor Expenses?

While your company will pay the staffing agency a fee for the services of your contingent workers, all costs are absorbed by the agency. They will handle all of the sourcing and pre-screening processes. Your temporary workforce will also not receive benefits or paid time off from your organization, saving you money in the long run.


What’s the Risk Your Project will be Late?

You will be able to add qualified workers quickly if you have a working relationship with  a staffing agency. If you see a project is in need of additional hours to ensure its success, there may be a significant benefit to working with a contingent workforce rather than hiring more internal employees or expecting your current staff to put in the overtime.


Would Specialized Skills Benefit You?

Your organization may have transactions where you require very specialized skills with really little warning. Your staffing agency can recruit for you an employee with just the right skill set who can take on the function rapidly and help your company accomplish what’s required – and do it for as little or as long as you need.


Will You Find High-Potential Permanent Talent (HIPOs)?

Also, during this temporary assignment you could uncover temporary talent who have the skills and temperament to be a good permanent fit with your organization. If you’re lucky enough to discover such a worker, you can make arrangements with the staffing firm to convert those employees to a full time position with your company.

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Add a temporary workforce to met your performance needs



So now that you’ve thought about your specific situation and how a temporary workforce could benefit your business

Call Flexicrew to get our complimentary views on ways to best use a temporary workforce aligned with your permanent employees.