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Flexicrew Technical Services (FTS) will locate, select, screen and place the professional talent you need – wherever and whenever you need them.


With recruiting resources available throughout the US, we move fast to bring you a more efficient, cost-effective staffing solution and can have the right candidates available for interview within a very tight timeframe.


Flexicrew Technical Services also offers a full range of Affordable Care Act approved health benefits to our contractors creating a long term relationship with our employees and clients.


Whether you are looking for land-based or offshore personnel, FTS maintains the proper USL&H insurance certifications. This streamlined process also means that you can easily transition high-performing employees from land-based to offshore jobs through a single vendor.


Recruiting and Placement

We understand of your industry, project scope and how to facilitate your staffing needs, whether for peak, long-term or permanent placement.
1. Multi-tier contractor searches
2. Attract the best employees
3. Thorough screening
4. Customer service and support from FTS

Flexicrew provides:

Workforce Solutions