13 HR Trends Anticipated for 2020, 2021 and Post-Pandemic

The human resources (HR) department of businesses of all sizes have been transforming gradually over the years, since the business conditions, technology and workforces have changed continuously. The current Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more necessary for HR professionals to quickly respond to important business priorities, handling fluctuations in the workforce and using the latest technology available. The diversity of the workforce has increased, with employees of different ages, genders, nationality and race being hired by companies and HR will have to ensure that they work harmoniously together as a team.

Looking Ahead future workplace trends

HR Looking Ahead

Though usually HR has handled the changes in business requirements well in the last few years, it is now necessary for the HR department to take a fresh look at the expected near term and future trends carefully, if it wishes to remain an essential company function in future. Using the information provided by the Forbes Human Resources Council, some of top predictions for HR trends in the post-pandemic periodic, second half of 2020 and 2021 are listed at the end of this article. Employers can utilize these trends to plan for the future, use HR help for formulating, implementing corporate strategies and improve employee engagement which will certainly help in business growth.

HR should manage the changes in habits at the workplace and employee expectations after considering the pandemic, economic uncertainty and the predicted trends of culture and age divergence. Managing the employees of a company is challenging under any circumstances. To improve effectiveness of the employees, HR professionals should focus on these trends. These include ensuring that that the employees are engaged in their work, happy and healthy.  One of the most challenging activities for the HR department is improving employee engagement since statistical data indicates that employees are not fully engaged while working.

Employee Engagement Will Be Key

To improve employee engagement, HR professionals are also focusing on well being of employees especially after the COVID-19 pandemic started. Gallup indicates the stress level of employees has increased, so more companies are recognizing the need to offer wellness programs which also include mental health.

A Deloitte survey points out that 91% of employees have an unmanageable amount of stress or frustration.

HR teams should make more effort to up-skill and re-skill their workforce.  Making them more productive will help the business innovate and attain corporate targets.

By staying updated on the following trends, HR professionals can anticipate changes in industry and the workforce to adjust business processes accordingly.

Forbes Predicted Workplace Trends

Below are the predicted workplace trends the experts from the Human Resources Council of Forbes see intensifying.  By reading the entire Forbes article you can uncover why the experts believe the trends will be so popular:

1.Bigger Focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

2. More Organizations Speaking on Social Issues

3. Heightened Interest in Workplace Culture

4. Improvement in Workplace Technology Systems

5. HR Leaders as Culture Champions

6. Changes in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

7. Continued Caution in Hiring

8. Growing Importance of Working from Home

9. A Focus on Mental Health and Well-Being

10. Improvement of Employee Experience

11. More Focus on the Remote Work Experience

12. More Importance of Learning and Development

13. A Greater Focus on the Human Element

As the above trends demonstrate, there will be many demanding areas for HR teams.  To remain relevant, the main challenges for HR professionals will be adopting new ways to maintain and improve efficiency and productivity in their core functions, especially employee retention and engagement.


The trends will help the HR professionals predict changes and make the required alterations to their business model. HR departments will have to adapt to change, using digital technologies and help to integrate workers of a new generation with different expectations into the organization.

It is important to identify the capabilities of key employees for personal development so that the employee does more than what his job description specifies. Employees should get support so that they behave responsibly, take the initiative, work independently and together respond quickly to the changes in business conditions.

Organizations which use the latest digital technologies, business practices, encourage innovation of employees and are streamlined will advance in future. In this, the HR department has a central role helping their business become successful.

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