3 Great Leadership Behaviors


3 great leadership behaviors that affect your career are identified in this article.  Treating subordinates well is a key indicator of great leadership.  The profound and unique lessons drawn from Bob Goff’s attitude in his collection of stories can change your perception of leadership and inspire you to be a successful leader yourself in your business setting.

“The people with the greatest love, not the most information, will influence us to change.”- Bob Goff

Great leadership behaviors

Bob Goff is the New York Times best-selling author of the book Love Does. His quote reminds us that it isn’t what you know that matters as much as how you behave. You may have all the knowledge in the world on important subjects which will make you an expert, but if you don’t have the social skills to lead others with love, you won’t be very effective.

Leaders become great
Galileo vs So-called Leaders

Goff shared a story in a blog post about Galileo, a scientist who used a telescope to determine that the Earth and the other planets rotated around the sun. At the time, this went against the standard beliefs in science and caused Galileo to be arrested and jailed. What Galileo discovered was truth, but his truth threatened those in leadership and instead of listening, they reacted defensively.

As leaders, it’s important to realize that information changes and what we think we know might be proven ineffective or wrong at some point down the line. As a leader, how you treat others is more important than what you know.

3 Great Leadership Behaviors

Here are 3 great leadership behaviors to keep in mind:

  • Avoid defensiveness
  • Inspire your team – don’t command them
  • Hire subordinates smarter than you

3 great leadership behaviors

1. Being Challenged Doesn’t Require Defensiveness

Some managers judge that their subordinates should not be challenge the boss’s authority . It’s true that a leadership role holds an expectation of authority and in most cases deserves respect.  However, respect is best when it is earned. If your authority is being challenged, hold your peace and your maturity and determine if the challenge is worthy. If so, embrace the challenge and work together to seek a solution or resolution.  In addition, embrace any new information with gratitude.  Show that you are a bigger man even if you are wrong.

2. Seek to Inspire Not Command

leadership inspires one of 3 great leadership behaviors

Leadership should inspire others to want to take action on behalf of the leader or the common goal the leader represents. How you treat others will determine how willing they are to respond to your direction. More importantly, great leaders inspire people to go beyond what they might do on their own. By serving as an example, doing the work alongside others, and being the hardest working member of the group, leaders can encourage others to give their best as well.

3. Surround Yourself with Employees Smarter than You

Great leaders know that their workplace, the external environment and their employer are ever-evolving and it requires life-long learning. No one person can know everything in all areas. Strong leaders surround themselves with people smarter than they are in certain areas and empower them and support them to shine. He or she do not feel threatened by someone else’s knowledge or the fact they don’t know everything. True leadership includes the humility of being less knowledgeable and making no apologies.


3 great leadership behaviors

What you know isn’t as important as how you operate. Being a great leader includes having high functional knowledge, but more importantly, it includes being thoughtful, sympathetic, and treating those you lead with dignity and respect. Your reward will be how your subordinates talk about you when you are not there.

The 3 Great Leadership Behaviors Rewind

Remember the 3 great leadership behaviors: avoid defensiveness, inspire your team – don’t command them and hire subordinates smarter than you.  Practice these 3 great leadership behaviors continuously with your team (while still holding them accountable) for the most effectiveness in your and their careers.

great leadership qualities for career advancement

Additional Great Leadership Behaviors

Leadership qualities in a business context vary from one individual to the next, but there are some common characteristics of a great leader.

These include:

1) Taking a proactive stance. A great leader is always looking for ways to improve the organization and make it more successful. They are never satisfied with where things stand and are always looking for ways to help the team reach its potential.

2) Focusing on the team first. Great leaders always put the needs of their team first and work hard to build relationships with their subordinates. They understand that teamwork is essential for success and will do everything they can to ensure that everyone on the team is working together towards a common goal.

3) Believing in themselves and their team. A great leader has total confidence in their abilities and is not afraid to take risks. They know that if they put in the hard work, their team will follow suit and achieve amazing things together.

4) A clear vision and strategy. A great leader has a clear vision for where they want their organization to go and knows how to get there. They have a detailed plan of action and are not hesitant to use force if necessary to achieve their goals.

5) Superior communication skills. A great leader understands the power of communication and uses it effectively in order to connect with subordinates and motivate them to work harder than ever before.

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