5 Distractions Attack Productivity and Some Simple Remedies


This article identifies which 5 distractions attack productivity at work every day. Unfortunately, distractions are common, and you find them in every aspect of your work lives. They range from text messages to emails and phone calls, to scheduled or pop-up meetings. All these unplanned interruptions can have a major impact on your productivity.

Years ago, my firm surveyed over two thousand workers across a dozen industries who identified distractions as the biggest money waste for their organization and the biggest impact to their productivity. That is why it is imperative you have a plan for keeping your workflow and productivity on track.

5 Distractions Attack Productivity

5 distractions attack productivity daily.  To help and encourage you, we review simple remedies for you to combat them:

  1. Email Blizzard
  2. Phone Interruptions
  3. Multitasking
  4. Too-Friendly Coworkers and Interrupting Associates
  5. Distractions from Personal Responsibilities
1.Email Blizzard or is it an Avalanche?

Yes, you probably receive a blizzard of emails. Many are unsought, if not outright spam. Yet, it is not just the constant barrage of emails coming in. it is also the unreasonable expectation that you should respond to those emails quickly on some other worker’s timetable.


Try setting aside specific times during the day to check and respond to emails. You may also find it helpful to set boundaries with work-related emails, such as not responding after-hours or on the weekends.

2. Phone Interruptions

Phone distractions attack productivity at work

It takes a person’s mind an average of 23 minutes to get back on track after a distraction. And sadly, our phones ring every 12 minutes on average. So, it should not be a revelation that it is so difficult to remain focused!


When you really need to focus on a project and give it your full attention, try silencing your phone and turning off unnecessary notifications. Just like with email, set specific times you will check your phone during the day. If you find yourself still tempted to check your phone during times when you must focus and concentrate, you may find it best to leave it in your locker or in your car, your coat or even in a completely different room if you work from home.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking distractions attack productivity on the job

Multitasking is also called task-switching. It has been recognized as one of the 5 distractions attack productivity. There is ample evidence multitasking significantly hinders productivity. This is usually a self-inflicted productivity wound. Not one brought about by others or outside events.


Rather than trying to work on multiple things at once, the most productive workers focus on just one task at a time. If you have been a multitasker for a long time, you may find it challenging at first to work on just one thing. Introspection can be a notable way to retrain your brain to focus on the task at hand. Working from a prioritized list of tasks and taking short breaks throughout the day can also be effective ways to boost productivity.

4. Too-Friendly Coworkers and Interrupting Associates


We all have coworkers in our workplace that unfortunately seem oblivious to the fact that we have our own agenda and tasks to accomplish. Whether it is a chatty coworker at the workplace or your over-friendly neighbor dropping by during the day when you work from home, they are one of the 5 distractions attack productivity.


Setting boundaries will help you stay on track, avoid unnecessary distractions, and maintain your productivity. Be polite but firm, and if you want, offer an alternative time and/or place to get together.

5. Distractions from Personal Responsibilities

If you periodically or permanently work from home, it can be appealing to try and do personal tasks during your workday. This should be a No-No!


See #2 Phone Interruptions. Same applies here.

Working from home personal activities one of 5 distractions attack productivity


It is best to set aside work hours for specifically focusing on work, and non-work hours for personal tasks. If you do choose to complete personal tasks during work hours, set aside blocks of time and use a timer to keep you focused and on-task. Avoid doing this too often however because it takes your mind time to regain focus after changing tasks and that time adds up!


we have outlined in this article common work interruptions like the 5 distractions attack productivity. They can be really disruptive to your work efforts and results. However, with some organization and mindfulness, you can overcome these interruptions and stay on task. Utilize the tips we have provided as follows to help you boost your productivity and avoid unnecessary distractions:

  • setting aside specific times for checking emails
  • allocate specific times responding to texts
  • focusing on one task at a time
  • taking breaks throughout the day
Flexicrew Support

Flexicrew has advised hundreds of HR recruiters and functional hiring managers on correct interviewing techniques and successful recruiting methods that lead to quality workers. That reduced the chance of their hiring easily distracted employees. Remember these 5 distractions attack productivity and you do not want to hire those who fall prey to them.

If you would like support in recruiting your next new hire, please contact one of our professional recruiters with many years’ experience in staffing. We will help you prevent your team from making a recruiting Oops or getting distracted themselves.

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