5 Keys for a Promotion in a Manufacturing Job

.Anticipating a promotion in a manufacturing job?  If you have been working in manufacturing for a time, it’s understandable to expect a promotion. However, according to studies, 8 out of 10 workers say lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving their job. A lack of promotion is a big contributor to this feeling.

The manufacturing environment moves fast.  Despite your hard work and effort, your boss may not notice all that you are doing. So, what can you do to make sure you get noticed and land a promotion in a manufacturing job? How to get a promotion in manufacturing

Here are our top five tips to secure promotion in your manufacturing career.

Learn New Skills Relevant to Manufacturing Jobs

Production lines are environments that transition rapidly.   The business you work will likely regularly implement new technologies and processes. Adapt to these changes. When your manufacturing firm implements new tools for the staff, take the time to go through the training thoroughly so you can quickly shine as the most adaptable employee.

You can also do your own research into new technologies that are developing in the logistics and warehousing sectors. This way, you can make suggestions to your superior and show that you are a valued employee who goes above and beyond what is expected of them.

Create Goals

Career development can stagnate if you lack motivation. If your manufacturing job is not providing new challenges or you do not have inspiration for new ideas, it may be because you have lost motivation. Set yourself long-term goals to give yourself something to work towards in your career. This will help you focus as you do a little every day to reach a bigger accomplishment. Establish what you want out of your career and think about ways to get yourself there.

Establish a Timeline

You are responsible for your career. If you want to get promoted in your manufacturing role, you will have to hold yourself accountable for getting there. Take your goals and put them into a timeline. Having tangible deadlines adds some positive pressure and helps you keep on track to achieve all you desire. Share your timeline with your manufacturing superior. This way, they know you have the desire and ambition to grow, and they add extra accountability – as well as offering help to get you there.

Pursue a Promotion Proactively

Don’t wait for the manufacturing promotion to fall into your lap. If you’re ambitious and want to grow in your role, show that to your boss. Do more than clock in and clock out every day.  Demonstrate to your boss that you want to learn new skills and that you are ready to accept greater responsibilities.

Develop Your Network

You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  Well, while we won’t dismiss developing new skills or taking training as ways to develop your manufacturing career, building a network of connections can be equally beneficial.  The more people who know you and your strengths and skills, the more value you are to an organization because as your reputation grows, so does theirs.

Building a network within the company you currently work for is a great idea. It ensures that when the time comes to discuss who should be given a promotion, your name is more likely to be shared as a potential candidate.

Manufacturing Specialist  Staffing Agency

If your manufacturing career has come to a standstill with your current employer, it may be time to look elsewhere for a promotion. Connect with a staffing agency specializing in manufacturing jobs.  That can help you find and land a role with the growth and development you crave and deserve. Specialist staffing agencies have industry contacts. They can put you forward for manufacturing jobs you couldn’t find on your own.  Or ones that are not advertised yet. This creates and delivers a host of opportunity.

Specialist recruiters also often have good working relationships with the employers they represent. They understand each of their client’s needs and can advise on what roles will best suit your skills. With their finger on the pulse of the industry, a specialist recruiter can also advise you on the training to take to improve your desirability as a candidate for manufacturing jobs.

In Summary

To sum up, your professional development is in your control. If you want to develop and get a promotion in a manufacturing job, you need to act. Invest time and energy into training and networking. If promotion is not an option with your current employer, seek out a new employer who will value your skills and help you grow. For a confidential discussion about your career, and to discover the very best manufacturing jobs in your area, contact Flexicrew Staffing today.

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