5 Questions When Considering a New Job


It’s a new year.  That’s it! You’ve had it. Your job and, more importantly, your career is just not going as well as you’d like. It’s time for a change. You are considering a new job, a fresh start if you will. But how do you know where to even begin? Especially if you’re still neck-deep in a company and position you want to escape.  You may know the type of job you seek.  You may even have an inkling of the company you would like to work for.  Other elements come into play such as where do you want to live, and do you even have the skill set to command the job you would like.

Considering a new job

So let’s get started…

5 Questions When Considering a New Job

All right.  When you are considering a new job it can be less complex if you take it a step at a time. There is a process, and you must begin somewhere.  You start by asking yourself these five questions:

  1. What Are You Looking For?
  2. Are You Willing to Take Risks ?
  3. What is Different About the Job You’re Considering
  4. What Are You Giving Up?
  5. Are You Truly Ready to Let Go of Your Current Position?

5 Job search mistakes to avoid

Let’s take these questions one at a time to optimize your job search and avoid any glaring job search mistakes…

1. What Are You Looking For?

Too often, what you are thinking is a change in your career is nothing more than a dressed-up version of the old. To avoid falling into this trap, start looking for real and actual change. Start by asking the hard questions: What do you want out of your job and career? How are you not getting this in your present position? What would you need to do to achieve this? What’s one positive change which would place you closer to this goal?

2. Are You Willing to Take Risks?

Fresh starts in a new role will demand a certain commitment from you, which manifests in how much of yourself you’re willing to put into the change. If you’re not willing to risk the newness that comes with job change, or risk much in the way of change, you’re not going to have much success. Its possible you may not like the new job or the company culture.  Frankly, you may not be willing or able to adapt to the ‘way they do things.’  What if you lose the new job after a short time?  Have you thought of these possibilities?  Can you handle all this risk?  Do they scare you?  Are they more than you can cope with?

3. What is Different About the New Job You’re Considering

If you’re looking for a new beginning, there has to be something ‘new,’ or you’re not starting over at all. You are merely continuing what you’ve been doing all along. Just in a different place or for a different employer or in a different industry.  What is the thing you haven’t done before that a new job will provide you?

4. What Are You Giving Up?

A new job means your current job, work patterns, associates, etc. is ending. What are you leaving behind? Keep in mind this question doesn’t necessarily imply you need to abandon every aspect of your current work life.   Sometimes you’re leaving behind only a small part of your current situation.

5. Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Current Position?

Remember the devil you know? When considering a new job, this last question can be hard because you might not know this answer until you’ve begun. Every fresh start is doomed to failure if you’re weighed down with baggage from the previous. At the very least, though, it helps to have a positive attitude about letting go of the comfort and security of your present job and are willing to do the work to make this happen.

Summing Up

If you are considering a new job in the new year, these 5 questions will give you some idea of what to expect as you embark on the process of moving on. After all, being prepared truly is half the battle.

When considering a new job in 2023 answer these 5 questions for a successful job search

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