5 Things Employers Look For When Interviewing




   Employers look for many different characteristics when hiring for a position vacancy with a company.  Depending on the position those characteristics can vary.  For the interviewee, this is where the real struggle can begin, what do I wear, how to do I act, what if they don’t like my answers? These are all questions we have asked ourselves in the past.  Below you will find 5 qualities that employers are looking for when hiring for a position no matter what the job.

       1. How do you present yourself?

First impressions are important and they are not only for the personal side of relationships.  During an interview, the first time a potential employer lays eyes upon you they will start to decide if you are right for the position.  When coming in for an interview you want to be at your best which also means your clothes and hygiene.  Coming in jeans and t-shirt doesn’t exactly tell them “I really would like this job”.

       2. Are you a likeable person?

Employers want to feel like you would be a good fit into the company.  Are you warm, friendly, and easygoing?  Becoming part of a work family is very important in the cohesiveness of a company you will be spending a lot of your time with.  Willingness to work as part of a team is something a company looks for because it takes more than just one person to keep the business running.

      3. Do you have the knowledge and skill needed to get the job done?

Employers want know that you can get the job done.  They will be hiring you for a specific purpose and if as the employee you cannot get it done that will just delay other aspects of the business.  Employers want to see past successes in the position in which you are applying; they want to know you have the experience.

       4. Do you have Integrity?

Are you willing to be true to yourself and others?  Will you admit honestly what your strengths and weaknesses are?  Employers look for integrity out of all of their employees because they are the ones willing to be honest and true with themselves and others.  Employees with integrity admit their faults along with their successes and they are willing to talk about how to make themselves better.   Integrity brings loyalty.  Keeping the negative of the past out of a job interview will earn bonus points.  Talking bad about previous employers or co-workers will look bad on you.  Keeping the positive of past jobs in the forefront is most important.

      5. Do you have a strong work ethic and enthusiasm?

Anyone can do a job but employers want employees that will give all they have to a job.  Are you willing to get the job done no matter what it takes?  Would you rather just do the bare minimum and give yourself free time during the day?  Employers look for employees what will strive to do their very best and are excited for the position they will hold.  Employers want their employees to have enthusiasm for the job they doing, not to just be here for the paycheck.  Employers want to see your passion.

   While these are only 5 qualities that employers look for when interviewing they are not the only ones.  The position itself will depend on how many and what specific qualities a potential employer might be looking for.  Don’t stress about it, just be yourself.  Dress nice, relax, and don’t try to be something you are not.  Employers know what they are looking for and they know when you are not showing your true colors.  Go into the interview with your head held high and confidant that you can do the job.

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