6 Tips Handling Naysayers at Work


Many workplaces must deal with naysayers.  This article offers 6 tips handling naysayers in your workplace.  Accomplishing your work goals can already be daunting and challenging. Naysayers only make your job that much more difficult. You do not need their pessimism, nor do you have to deal with it. Do not let negativity or workplace naysayers be your kryptonite.  If you can relate to this, we have some suggestions below to overcome naysayers and their negativity.

6 tips for handling naysayers at work

6 Tips Handling Naysayers in Your Workplace

We recommend 6 tips handling naysayers in your company so you can move past them to make your job easier, more satisfying and help avoid distractions:

  1. Create distance from negative coworkers
  2. Build yourself a support system
  3. Do not justify your actions
  4. Do not discuss your plans around negative coworkers
  5. Turn naysayers’ doubts into motivation
  6. Use alone time to reflect on your goals and your actions create

6 tips handling naysayers at work

1. Distance from Negative Coworkers

T is tohe first of 6 tips handling naysayers put space between those Negative Nellies and your work assignments whenever you can, . Continually hearing, or worse, paying attention to naysayers’ doubts will eventually become roadblocks or challenges to your goals. So keep perennially negative personnel at arm’s length. If you cannot distance yourself from a naysayer, have an honest conversation with them. Explain that you don’t require their support, but you not welcome their discouragement is. Be polite but firm!

2. Build Yourself a Support System

Support team for handling naysayers at work

Once you have deflected or ignored the negative opinions or treatment, assemble a support group. Surround yourself with positive associates that share and believe in your goals.  That will allow you to map out and go after the goals and results you want without the negativity. Positive associates who support you will act as reassurance on the path you are taking.  And they will help pick you up when times are tough.  Listen to their constructive criticism and suggestions that move ‘the ball forward.’

3. Do Not Justify Your Actions

You do not need to justify yourself, your goals, or the path you take to anyone – particularly  not negative personnel. Every employee is different.  No two workers approach assignments the same in the same manner nor achieve their goals in the same ways. If someone questions you, simply say, “This is what I choose.”

4. Don’t Discuss Your Plans Around Negative Coworkers

Another one of the 6 tips handling naysayers is more subtle.  Some fellow worker may disparage your approach but never seems to contribute a positive alternative. Don’t give him or her ammunition. Avoid talking about your plans around him, and if he  tries to bring it up, take the discussion in a different direction.

5. Turn Naysayers’ Doubts into Motivation

Handling naysayers at work to gain motivation

If a coworker doubts you, use their doubt as motivation. Maybe that means promising yourself that you’ll prove him or her wrong. Either way, do not let the uncertainty of others weigh you down. Most likely, what they think doesn’t really make a difference.

6. Use Alone Time to Reflect on Your Goals and Actions

Reflection for handling naysayers at work with work is one of daily routines for productivity

Maintaining your direction and motivating yourself to achieve your goals can sometimes be a solitary path. Give yourself downtime to reflect on your goals in solitude, how far you have come, and reaffirm your plan of action. Step aside, take a break from your project and just think it through. This quiet time will also let you form new ideas and keep you motivated.


Unfortunately, naysayers are everywhere in every workplace, in all types of business small or large. They may even be on your team, your supervisor, or maybe even your friend group. This does not mean that you must work within the parameters of their negative beliefs or attitudes. You can overcome or avoid their negativity and crush your goals with persistent drive, commitment and belief you will achieve desired results.

Follow the above 6 tips handling naysayers to reach your objectives and achieve your most productive results possible.

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