7 Ways Resilient People Can Maintain Control of a Situation

Everyone has been in stressful situations. Whether a difficult situation affects you personally or a group of people you’ve involved with, being resilient means, you can maintain control and think of new ways to tackle problems.

Resilient people adapt quickly to changes and use their skills to recover from difficulties. Crisis and emergency managers have defined the skills needed to take control of a situation, find solutions, and overcome obstacles.

  • Optimism About the Opportunity for Change
  • Commitment
  • Personal and Collective Goals
  • Support of Others
  • Past Successes and Failures
  • Action
  • PatienceObstacles strengthen resolve
1.Optimism about the Opportunity for Change

Resilient people don’t see difficult situations as entirely negative.  Instead, they are optimistic about the opportunity for change that difficult situations provide.  They know that both personal and professional obstacles are overcome by learning and growing.  Resilient people maintain control of a situation because they welcome the opportunity that change presents and control their response to challenges.

2. Commitment

When a person is optimistic, they are more willing to stay committed to overcoming an obstacle.  Resilient people don’t give up quickly, so they maintain control when they face a problem.  They don’t allow a situation to get the better of them or sidetrack them away from their goal.

3. Personal and Collective Goals

A resilient person has developed personal goals to help them recover from setbacks and keep moving toward success.  Because they are committed to their goals, they maintain control in difficult situations and keep thinking of new ways to tackle problems.  In a difficult situation that involves a group of people, a resilient person quickly includes others and forms collective goals with the group.

4. Support of Others

The support of other group members is one of the keys to maintaining control of a group situation and helping everyone think of new ways to tackle problems.  A resilient person must offer a group goal that benefits everyone in the group and also provide a way for everyone to participate.  When a challenge is personal, resilient people enlist the support of others to help guide, train and mentor them as needed.  Resilient people understand that others can help them learn and grow.

5. Past Success and Failures

Resilient people have learned from their previous successes and also from their prior failures.  By understanding themselves better, they use this knowledge to think of new ways to tackle problems.  Because they believe that even failures can teach a lesson, they are not afraid to try new ways to overcome obstacles.

They also use the knowledge they’ve gained from previous successes to guide their decisions. Resilient people maintain control of a situation when they are prepared to work through new ideas and suggestions on how to succeed.

6. Action

Action without a plan can cause a person to lose control of a situation.  Resilient people use their knowledge and skills to think of new ways to tackle problems and create a plan for success.  Resilient people feel prepared to put their plan into action because they know they can keep trying until they succeed.  Without action, a person would never attempt to solve a problem or learn what works and what doesn’t work.

7. Patience

Resilience requires patience.  Instead of blindly trying to tackle a problem, resilient people take the time to work through problems and try new solutions.  When something doesn’t go right, they don’t give up or assume they can’t succeed.  Patience allows them to maintain control because they believe they will find the answer.

Maintaining control of a situation and thinking of new ways to tackle problems are part of resilience. Resilient people see optimism in change, are committed to their goals, and build support for themselves and with others.  By using the knowledge gained from past successes and failures to take action, resilient people allow themselves the time and maintain the patience to succeed.

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