A Who who finds Who’s

Who sells your products and services to the world? Who puts together financial reports for your business? Who makes hiring decisions? You know that having the right “who” in place for these vital roles is imperative to your operations.

But what is the cost of hiring the wrong “who”? It’s hard emotionally because no one likes to fire people – except maybe Mitt Romney, and we all know what happened to him. But what is the true financial cost?

The truth is that the cost of hiring the wrong person is gigantic. The industry rule of thumb is that the wrong person costs you three times his or her annual salary. A $50,000 employee costs you $150,000; a $150,000 employee costs $450,000. There’s also lost opportunity cost, business, potential customers and momentum. And then you’re back to square one looking for a replacement.

In order to avoid the pitfalls that come with hiring the wrong “who”, maybe you need to focus on finding a “who” who finds “who’s”.

Enter Flexicrew.

  • A database of experience. Flexicrew recruiters have experience and knowledge about the types of employees that fit your environment.
  • Red flags. It is our job to make sure that these get addressed
  • Growth potential. We search for a person who is going to grow as they learn, a good bet.
  • The right conversation. Flexicrew industry experts know how to ask the right questions to find what you are looking for in a good hire.

If your company is having a hard time finding the right “who’s” for vital roles, contact us today to find out more about our DIRECT HIRE services.

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