Ask the Flexpert…Any Tips on What a Reopening Communications Plan Should Include?

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First of all, when your business is ready to reopen, remember your communications plan should have a heavy dose of consideration and empathy. Different audiences (e.g. employees, suppliers, etc.) are bound to have unique worries and points of view. How your company takes care of each person, group or business and how it handles its reopening will become publicly accessible information and can leave an enduring impression positive or negative.

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Three Solid Tips

Here are 3 tips that should work for any circumstance:

1. Confirm that workers are aware and free from anxiety about what actions you are taking to ensure safety. If employees don’t have faith in the steps you are taking, anyone they interface with will sense that doubt.

2. Inform your audiences at the start that back-to-work reopening will start with the facts and guidance that you have at the time and based on data public health officials provided. Let everyone know that plans will evolve as more is learned and your workforce gives feedback on effectiveness and comfort levels.

3. Make clear direction available such as signs, actions of senior management that illustrate good examples (social distancing, face masks, work from home when possible) and direction from supervisors to emphasize behaviors your company wants to establish.

Grounded in Safety and Care

If your firm’s reopening communications plan exhibits these elements, and are grounded in safety and care, then you should achieve smooth reopening with limited issues.  Keep in mind that conditions change so you must keep an eye on the business and react to changes in medical, political and economic conditions.

Need Assistance with Reopening Communications Plan

If you need some assistance in organizing a Reopening Communications Plan in this uncertain labor market, contact Flexicrew today.

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