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I’ve been tasked with implementing a workplace safety program, but I have no idea where to begin. Help!
Developing a workplace safety program can take time. It is important to make the program as comprehensive as possible to create a safe work environment. Once the plan is created, you then need to develop a way to implement a workplace safety program. That involves educating employees and managers, and making everyone in the company feel responsible for making sure the safety policies of the company are being followed.

Step 1
Designate a health and safety officer for the company. It can be someone already in the company or a new hire, but it needs to be someone with health and safety experience and the ability to designate time each day to enforcing the health and safety policies.

Step 2
Educate each manager on the health and safety program. Explain to managers the penalties that could be levied by state and federal authorities if the safety rules are not followed. Create a set of penalties that will apply to every manager and employee that breaks company safety rules. Getting your management team to buy into implementing the workplace safety program is paramount in getting the employees to abide by it.

Step 3
Conduct monthly safety trainings with employees, and go over the various parts of the safety program. It would be helpful if you could set up demonstrations of the proper way to work safely, and the consequences of not working safely. When employees can see the danger, they are more apt to try and avoid it. Have employees sign a form saying they understood the safety training each time one is given.

Step 4
Supply each employee with a copy of the workplace safety program, and supply regular written updates to the program each time there is a change.

Step 5
Encourage employees to go to the company health and safety director with any questions about company safety, or to report incidents of potential workplace danger.

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