Ask the Flexpert…Why is Building Resilience Important?

The Importance of Resilience

Resilience generally improves one’s quality of life and their ability to enjoy work even in these uncertain times. The higher your team’s levels of resilience, the better their psychological and physical health will be. Resilient people are less likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression and manage most facets of their life more efficiently. This leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater engagement and improved performance.

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Resilience Fosters Relationships

There is the added benefit of healthier relationships as well. One of the key aspects of resilience is the ability to understand and control one’s emotions, which is going to naturally improve how workers relate to others and thus make their relationships stronger (and healthier).

Essentially, resilience helps people view their situations differently. Most people waste a lot of energy trying to control things that they have no influence over.

Resilience and Persistence

Resilience (some call it ‘grit’) improves peoples’ ability to bounce back from setbacks, challenges and adversity to control what they can, and let go of the rest. And that surely is the current situation all people and certainly that category designated as essential workers, find themselves in with multiple concerns of health, economy,  social unrest and politics at the same time.

Resilience is the basis for overcoming hardship, achieving goals, and being a strong and resourceful worker. The more resilient your employees are, the more they will achieve on the job, in their careers, and in life, period.

Resilience and Employee Values

With resilience, you learn about yourself and your work team and start to get a clearer view of what you and they value – and how that meshes with the company’s values and culture.

Need Assistance Hiring Resilient Workers

If you need some assistance in recruiting and hiring more resilient workers in this uncertain labor market, contact Flexicrew today.

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