Ask the Flexpert…How do I Know if our HR Function is Managed Strategically?

Assessment Questions for Managing the HR Function Strategically

Ask the Flexpert

Answer the following questions to decide if you are running HR strategically:

  1. Does your firm have clearly defined talent-related strategic goals?
  2. Does your HR function have measurable targets and appropriate plans?
  3. Do you effectively determine manpower requirements?
  4. Are staffing levels appropriate to current and future needs?
  5. Does your HR manager influence key business decisions?
  6. Is the HR function represented at high-level management meetings?
  7. Is there an employee engagement strategy for operational issues?
  8. Do you proactively propose how the HR function can support broad business strategy?
  9. Do you effectively address employee succession?

If you don’t have answers or you responded, “No” to many questions, why not contact Flexicrew for suggestions.  Use our experience with a wide-range of companies and industries.

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