Ask the Flexpert…What Key Elements should a Work-at-Home Policy Include?

There are six key areas a sensible Work-at-Home Policy should contain.  There are several other areas we touch on in other Flexicrew blog posts, which we haven’t touched on here (e.g. equipment and health/safety of remote work environment).

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Determine what positions are entitled to work remote, and confirm those in your policy. If you have no remote-compliant positions state that right from the get-go, reducing future requests about remote work.


If you allow remote work, then you should outline standards in the policy. Whether it’s establishing a universal 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work requirement, or letting employees set their own schedules – either should be set out in your guidelines.


State if a remote worker must respond to a co-worker at once, and also define what method of contact need be used.

 Performance Assessment

Define how a remote employee’s results will be assessed.

Tech support

Specify what tech support the employer will provide to remote employees. Outline what remote employees are expected to do when having technical difficulties, so there is a clear, unambiguous process.


When (hard copy or digital) information is removed from the facility, security can no longer be guaranteed. Employees, especially need to be very careful when doing work in public spaces (if acceptable) and policies need to be put in place to guarantee electronic security as well as proper disposal of documents.

Need Assistance

If you need some help with a Work-at-Home Policy in this uncertain labor market, contact Flexicrew Today!  Our remote-working professionals will be glad to share their personal experience.

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