Attracting New Employees – 4 Tips


There are many details that employees may be looking for in a new workplace, so how can you make your business stand out and attract new employees?

4 Tips to Attract New Employees

This is a tight job market.  Employees seem to hold all the cards.  So, here are 4 helpful tips that will help your business in attracting new employees to your workplace:

  1. Getting the Word Out
  2. Job – Audience Match
  3. Make Your Job Appealing to Your Audience
  4. Attractive Compensation Package
1. Getting the Word Out

get the word out attracting new employees

Ensure that job seekers are aware you are hiring. The first step in attracting new employees to your business is getting the word out. To let the public know that you are hiring, you can:

  • Use job boards
  • Advertise on social media if you have a wide audience
  • Run ads
  • Ask current employees for recommendations
  • Have a “work for us” section on your website
  • Send out a newsletter to your email list
  • Connect with people at community events
  • Use job forums that are related to your job
  • Reach out to past employees that left under good circumstances
  • Use a help wanted sign outside your business
  • Host an open house
  • Billboards
  • Partner with a staffing agency

Attracting new employees requires a simple recruitment process

2. Job – Audience Match for Attracting New Employees:

    • It is not only important to let people know that you are hiring, but to let the right people know that you are hiring. When you are ready to find and attract new employees, identify who your correct demographic and skill set is.
    • You will save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you are pitching your available job to the type of employee you want to hire. For example, a general job forum may attract applicants that are not right for the job. Instead, try using a job board that is related to your industry.
    • Persuade people to apply for your job by making the process as simple as possible. Give people a step-by-step guide for how to apply to your job listing so they can easily turn in an application for review.
    • You are not only looking for people who are actively seeking a job, but also those who are passively looking for work. Community events, social media pages, radio, and television are better for reaching future employees that are not aggressively job seeking.
3. Make Your Job Appealing to Your Audience

Don't lose candidates.  Make your job appealing to attract new employees

In our previous article, 6 Benefits Employees Want, we talked about some of the most important things that applicants want in their new job. Consider that list when you are putting together an offer package.

  • The specific audience you want to hire may have unique needs, so your job’s benefits and perks are not one-size-fits-all.
  • Understanding your target audience will really help you market your business well to potential applicants. Compensation is a major factor in attracting new employees employees, but it is not the only thing job seekers consider when they are looking for a new place to work.
  • Some job seekers are attracted to non-profits, for instance, because they believe in the work they are doing. They want to make a positive difference in the world, which can be more important than taking a higher salary.
  • A sense of belonging can also be a powerful tool in attracting new employees to your business. If you make candidates feel like they are part of a team of like-minded individuals working towards an important goal, they will be more likely to want to work for your organization.
  • Here are some things that may make your job more appealing to potential applicants:
    • Remote work
    • Flexible work schedule
    • A possibility of advancement
    • Prioritizing mental health
    • Inclusivity and diversity
    • Adjustments for neurodivergent employees
    • A sense of fulfillment in work
    • A sense of community in the workplace
    • A comfortable or aesthetically pleasing work environment
4. Attractive Compensation Package
Make your compensation package appealing. You can entice future employees by flexible hours, a sense of fulfillment, and a comfortable working environment, but there is no denying the importance of a good compensation package.
Compensation: Wages, Benefits, Perks

Compensation for a job includes three major areas: wages, benefits, perks.

  • Wages

Your particular business may have trouble keeping up with higher wages, but as much as possible keep your wages in competition with others in your industry or market.

  • Benefits

Benefits are a major consideration for job seekers. A job that has lower wages, but great benefits, can remain competitive in the job hiring market. Examples of benefits you can offer employees are:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Paid time off
  • A wellness program
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paying for education or certificates
  • Paying student debt
  • Free childcare on site
  • Financial planning resources

Attracting new employees difficult in tight job market

  • Benefits

Perks can also help people become interested in your job. Some ideas for perks include:

  • 4-day work weeks instead of 5-day work weeks
  • Personalized desk/work areas
  • Casual dress days
  • Mentor programs
  • Paid time off for birthdays
  • Free parking
  • A workplace gym
  • Free gym memberships
  • Healthy vending machines
  • Comfortable and appealing break room with amenities
  • Paid maternity/childcare leave
  • Room in the building for nursing mothers
  • Company picnics
  • Birthday parties
  • Game/activity rooms onsite
  • Access to amenities at the workplace during off-hours
  • Event tickets
  • Office library
  • Bring your pet to work options
  • Charity donations that employees are passionate about
  • Cleaning services for remote workers
  • Home improvement options for remote workers
  • Subscriptions (such as Audible, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)
Correct Compensation, Benefits & Perks
  • There are many other perks that might be suitable for your working demographic. Understanding your workers will help you identify which perks, benefits, and wages will be appropriate for attracting new employees.

In, from our examples, there are many factors that employees may be looking for in a new employer. So follow our 4 tips to differentiate your business from other employers competing for attracting new employees.

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