Can Eyewear Measure Your Fatigue?

Edge_Safety_GlassesIn an article posted on, Karen Boman takes a deeper look into how that is possible. An Australia based company called Optalert Limited has created drowsiness detection glasses.  These glasses have the ability to capture worker’s eyelid blinks through a tiny LED that has been built into the frame of the glasses.  Optalert Limited is the only safety system worldwide that has the ability to continuously provide information in real time. The system measures how fast and how far a person opens their eyelid after closing it.  The glasses then show a rating from 1-10 based on the John Drowsiness Scale.

Multiple things can factor into fatigue, irregular hours, shift work, and even poor eating habits. Worker safety has come to the forefront of employers mind’s given the long hours they spend working or traveling.  When designing a plan, companies try to take into account the shift and how long in between shifts in order to ensure the employee can have enough time for sleep before the next shift begins. It can be hard sometimes given the type of shift and even the number of employees on hand but thinking about employee safety is also important and should be held at a high standard.

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