How Your Resume Should Feature Machine Operator Skills

Ways to Enhance the Machine Operator Skills Section of Your Resume

When applying for machine operator jobs, one of the key parts of your resume is the skills section. This tells potential employers that you are qualified to do the advertised job. This part of your resume may seem easy to write.

However, with recruiters spending an average of six seconds reviewing candidates’ resumes, you only have a short space to feature your machine operator skills. To help your resume stand out and influence recruiters, here are some top tips to emphasize your skills.

highlight your machine-operator-skills on your resume

Why You Must Focus on the Skills Section of Your Resume

The skills section of your resume helps the hiring manager quickly decide whether they should interview you for their machine operator job. Unfortunately, recruiters scan resumes rapidly. A skills section is central to grabbing the recruiter’s attention. This is where you show them you have the right background for their machine operator job. You can itemize your important abilities. This reduces the recruiter’s time to evaluate your fit. The more obvious your capabilities, the easier it is for them to decide to invite you for an interview.

Consider the Responsibilities of the Machine Operator Job

You should customize your resume for each machine operator job you are applying for. Review the job description and examine the employer. Assess which of your skills that will be most desirable to them. Then give attention to them on your resume. The job description will give you hints about the skills the employer seeks. For example, look at this section of a job description for a machine operator job:
“Bending, squatting, climbing, stooping, twisting and reaching, standing for long periods of time – Lifting up to 50 pounds.”

The requirements state that it is a physical job. Therefore, adding physical fitness as a qualification to your resume makes sense.  It would convey to a recruiter your ability to handle the job requirements. If you feature your physical capability, you are far more likely to be accepted.

Highlighting Your Machine Operator Skills for Jobs

One approach to display your machine operator skills is to visualize you have already been hired as the employer’s machine operator. Reflect on yourself in the role and the activities you will be performing. Then review your previous positions and how the functions you experienced would help you perform this role well.

Determine which of your skills would be useful for the position.  Decide how to communicate them on your resume. Do it so that they will differentiate you from rival candidates.

Establish How Your Skills Have Been Advantageous in Your Prior Jobs

You will be competing with other applicants to get an interview for any machine operator job. Many of them will probably have comparable skills to yours. How can you distinguish yourself? Well, you can establish to prospective employers that you really have the skills they ask for and how they are helpful.

For example, you may be very accurate in producing output. You may have been so accurate in your last job that you reduced defects by 18%. Be sure that you feature that achievement.  Do it in ways that illustrate the reason to hire you over competing candidates. You need to answer the “Why should I pick you?” question your interviewer has before he discards your application. Make your resume succinct but compelling.

Getting the Skills Section Right for Machine Operator Jobs

In summary, the skills section of your resume sets the tone for your application. Take the time to compose it correctly, and customize your resume for unique machine operator jobs.  This will greatly improve your chances of landing an interview.

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Five More Characteristics of Successful Job Searchers – Part II

In Part ll of this article we review a second set of five characteristics of successful job searchers.

Effective Characteristics of Successful Job Searchers

In general there are another five characteristics of successful job searchers that come into play to land their ideal job:

  • No Limits
  • Tailored Resume
  • Honest and Open
  • ‘Can-Do’ Attitude
  • Clear Objectives
6. No Limits 

You should not limit yourself to apply for jobs online because you can find a lot of new, opportunities offline too. Endearing yourself to your potential peers is also paramount during this phase.  Your potential peers might give you tips you need to get into the company. This is something that you need to encourage in them.  

We have just told you about the traits of successful job seekers so you just can get the success when you are looking for a job. This will just allow you to get the results you want. Remember that you should get clear on what you want as soon as possible.  Remember also that will allow you to see for yourself what your potential employers need from a potential employee. You will see tons of samples of interviews that will just allow you to get the advantage you need.  

Tailoring your resume is another important thing, and you truly become an outstanding force in the job market because you will be doing something different and effective as soon as possible. Write your resume in such a way that you make yourself become an obvious fit for the position that you are applying for.  

7. Tailored Resume 

If you just want to succeed in the job market, you have to tailor your resume to the individual jobs that you will apply to. This will allow your potential employer to see that you took your time to do the homework that will attract their attention.  Tailoring your resume to each job will just allow you to show your potential employer that you are the exact fit for the job.  

8. Honest and Open

There is nothing worse than a dishonest employee especially if they lie during the interview. The job seeker needs to be open about their qualifications and training, what they can and cannot do, and what they have done and have not done. Make it mandatory for your hiring manager to check out candidates’ references or work experience. Call their references and school as soon as you can to confirm the veracity of the information they give. Job seekers need to demonstrate the highest levels of trustworthiness and accountability for everything they have done, even if it may reflect badly on them. The candidate needs to demonstrate that they are a moral person.

An example of openness and honesty that they can demonstrate to the hiring manager could be something like: As a supervisor, I had to deal with a junior whose work had deteriorated. However, instead of disciplining them, I asked them into my office to talk to them which helped get their output back to where it was before.  

9. Can Do’ Attitude and Promise to Overachieve

Attitude is one of the most valuable things your hiring manager should be looking for in a job seeker. The best candidates should not show any trace of a negative attitude but rather demonstrate a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. The best employees are the ones that always demonstrate a can do and flexible attitude and are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that they get the job done. Some of the questions to ask the job seeker may include how they dealt with challenges that they faced in the previous job that may have seemed insurmountable.

The best job seekers are typically the ones that can show that they have failed at some point but have picked themselves up and gone on to work even harder and fulfill their obligations. This calls for a demonstration of drive passion and enthusiasm in words and action. The best typically show unbridled passion for their work in addition to having a sunny and upbeat disposition.  

10. Clear Objectives

If you want a job, you have to get clear on what the type of job. You have to do this before starting to search for a job so you can get what you need too. You also should take your time and think about your weaknesses and strengths because this will just allow you to better know yourself. Plus, you must decide on money, promotion, prestige, and things like that. 


When hiring managers are conducting an interview they are not only looking for someone who has the skills and training but also the personality for the job. As such, it is critical that the candidate showcases both the soft skills in addition to what is recommended in this article to land that job. By showcasing their ability to work with others, adapt to changing or challenging circumstances, demonstrating decisiveness, trustworthiness, commitment, and passion to the job, they can prove that they have what it takes to work for your company. While they do not necessarily have to demonstrate all the qualities, having most of them is desirable.          

Flexicrew Staffing has the expert knowledge and resources to help you find the position you won’t find on your own. Let us assist you in uncovering those hidden positions that exactly match your talents and experience.  Call today.