What You Must Know Before Hiring a Staffing Agency

Even if your business is currently using temporary staffing, you can benefit by considering what’s important to know prior to hiring a staffing agency. This is a process any person or business needs to do with any potential outside service. There is too much at stake and the possible consequences are too great. You are also correct by assuming this will consume company resources because someone will be tasked to perform this research. But just like anything else in business, this is an investment with a tangible ROI.

The Power of Relationships

As you know, one of the most powerful actions any business can take is forming relationships with other businesses. The same strategy can be applied with existing staffing agencies you are currently using. Then you can extend this approach with future agencies.

One immediate effect will be creating a desire to go the extra mile for your business. These agencies will have a natural desire to work harder and it is because of the good relations. They want to keep your business, but that is true for all of their clients. So the difference comes directly from human nature and the added component of the business relationship.

Don’t just use temporary staffing agencies selfishly because they will remember it. If you value business relationships, and the benefits it produces, then you will be an ideal customer. Your business, as a client of the agency, can add value by being engaged with them. That means your company reaches out and has face-to-face communications. Offer them positive feedback and assurances your business intends to continue the relationship. This is how you will be remembered, and they will reciprocate when your needs are pressing and need to be filled.

Evaluating Your Business Needs

Let’s focus on what your business needs to know on your end before hiring a temp staffing agency. Many businesses have a clear idea they will need additional staffing. But it’s the details that are often overlooked such as the precise basis for your need. For example, projected production quotas will help you determine how many additional workers you may need. You will also have to extrapolate to all departments that support production. Perhaps you can spread additional responsibilities to existing permanent employees. In this way, you can absorb higher production without the need to hire more temp workers.

You can research and discover interesting feedback provided by temporary workers from the field. Analyzing enough information reveals shared experiences across the board. One such example is how frequently the client company is ill-prepared to receive temp hires. Work spaces with supporting equipment is not in place happens all the time. The effect is along the lines of the organization has forgotten that a new arrival, or more than one, has started. Then it’s a scramble to ensure the new temp worker stays busy and has something to do. This clearly falls on the shoulders of the client company and those in charge of receiving the new worker.

We have covered a few important areas where your business can better prepare for hiring a temporary staffing agency. Keep in mind this post has only touched the surface.  There are many more important areas to take into account and additional research is recommended.

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Pros & Cons: Full-Time Employees or Temporary Staffing Companies

Sooner or later, your business may have to consider using a staffing company for temps or hiring full or part time employees. The process for deciding what is best may not be easy or quick. Many businesses use the understandable criteria based on revenue. You can think of revenues in terms of money saved, which is typical, or projected profits.

In reality, the equation will include all factors:

  • Reduced expenses
  • Higher production levels with reduced expenses, and…
  • List of additional savings and benefits.

As you know, everything comes with pros and cons, and today we will take a closer look at hiring employees and using a temporary staffing agency.


Full-Time Employees – Are They Ideal?


Full-time employees will generally have a stronger and vested interest in the business in which they are employed. The degree to which this occurs will vary because some people will always be more committed, loyal, and appreciative than others. Every employee also knows they are expendable and can be fired. Down economic years have shown just how insecure employment can be. Obviously this is a powerful motivator and losing one’s job can have devastating consequences.


All businesses have an opportunity to invest in full-time employees. Like any other investment, nothing is certain but the chance of a positive ROI exists. Almost any employee can become a valuable asset in the future. You may or may not see signs of this early on, and this just adds to the uncertainty and hope that each employee demonstrates a high level of performance.


One of the primary reasons for hiring a temporary worker is they cost less for the client business. You are likely aware of the areas where you can save by using temp workers. But just a few obvious areas are in taxes and expenses paid for retirement. Similar savings are realized with various types of insurance you will not have to provide to temporary workers.


One of the more unusual situations arises with troublesome and difficult employees. For most companies, the first step with discipline can be verbal warnings, and then it progresses to written, etc. The process can be lengthy and involved depending on circumstances. Of course we have all seen news stories of employees suing former employers for perceived infractions or discrimination.


Temporary Staffing Agencies – Why Are They So Popular?


The pros of using a staffing agency are many and significant. The client company can see savings in both money and time. For example, the hiring process can be completely outsourced. No need to interview, screen applicants, and all the other tasks. In the area of liability, this is reduced because the client company is usually not the employee of record. If the client company wants to fire or lay-off a temp worker, this is easily done with a quick phone call to their staffing company.


Using temporary employees is an ideal way to “try before you buy,” so to speak. Each temp worker can be monitored and assessed for performance and overall positive indicators of success. Then the company can decide to hire permanently or keep extending the contract, as desired.


Any time you are using a temp staffing company you are taking some risks. There have been accounts of client companies receiving lower quality workers. This obviously is not supposed to happen, and it can be prevented by hiring directly. Temporary workers can exhibit an attitude that encompasses instability or similar qualities. They know very well what their status is, and that can result in a less motivated worker. You can almost forget about a high degree of loyalty from every temporary worker.


There is a balance that has to be found and accepted when you’re considering between hiring full-time or using outsourced temporary workers. Another important point concerns the particular positions being outsourced. Some of the points made in this article will be different or changed in the event of hiring professional temp employees.


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How to Find the Best Staffing Agency for Your 2020 Needs

Employers who decide to outsource for temporary employees are looking for the highest caliber people. The challenge then becomes how to find the best staffing agency. According to recent economic and business news in January 2020, employers are slowly beginning to hire contingent workers rather than permanent employees.  That diminishes their risk if they should face an economic slowdown.

This means your business might consider hiring temporary staff. Be sure you avoid unnecessary pressure by getting an early start with this process. Give your company enough time to choose an agency that is the ideal fit. By doing so, you will be more likely to find the best employees.

Picture Best Staffing Agency

What actions should employers take to find the ideal staffing agency?

Aligning Desired Criteria with the Real World

Employers have a need to contain pay rates to their desired levels. On the other hand, there may be a need for experience that normally would exceed the maximum pay scale. This is a typical situation that demands clear dialogue between the employer and the staffing agency. The agency understands market conditions and trends and has a responsibility to inform the employer that an adjustment needs to be made.

The maximum pay rate has to be raised to attract the candidates with the commensurate experience. Or, the desired experience has to be lowered to meet the original pay scale. Higher quality agencies will inform employers of conflicts between their ideal criteria and real world expectations and help set an appropriate balance.

Customer service is important with all staffing companies. The only way to find out how a company performs is to give them a test drive. This is where it pays for employers to start their search for an agency as early as possible. The reason for this is employers can call and get a feeling about the person they may be working with. Any questions should be answered professionally and from a base of knowledge.

Higher Quality Candidates with Specialized Staffing Agencies

Employers should be cautious with any agency that seems to be a one-size-fits-all staffing firm. If the employer has a need for a specialized technical area, then search for staffing agencies that cater to that specialized  field. This form of staffing specialization produces greater knowledge of what employers need. The result will be candidates who are screened better. The agency will know exactly what to look for and will know how to drill down into candidate experience, knowledge, and skills.

Long-term Strategies to Identify High Quality Third-Party Agencies

Any employer who anticipates using temporary staffing firms as a long term solution can use more strategies when choosing the best. Here is a good example of how this approach can produce good results. Some agencies will take additional time to determine the ideal candidates for a client. Others are not as conscientious and will send as many candidates as possible. Unfortunately, employers really have no way of knowing which type of agency uses the first approach or the second.

The way for any employer to get a solid idea about an agency may be to use several firms and judge the quality of the candidates. This is a more drawn-out process which is why this is a good option for long-term, strategic planning.

Find the Best Staffing Agency for Your 2020 Needs

Finding the best staffing agency for your needs in 2020 will be challenging if you have never used temp staffing services. However, you can minimize risks by becoming informed, starting your search as early as possible, and taking a calculated yet measured approach.  During this hectic time, Flexicrew has the perfect solution for your requirements.  Contact one of our professional Account Managers Today!

Flexicrew Staffing has secured ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® award 6 different times indicating that they provide exceptionally high levels of service to their staffing clients and job seekers.


Flexicrew Continues Expansion in Tennessee – Adding Nashville Office

New Nashville Office to Better Serve Middle Tennessee Clients


Chattanooga, TN, November 22, 2019–

Flexicrew Staffing announces that it opens office in Nashville, TN.

With 10 locations in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Flexicrew commenced Nashville operations November 4, 2019 and is supported by offices in eastern Tennessee.  The office is situated at 3538 Murfreesboro Pike, Ste. 306, Antioch, TN 37013.  This unique office space features areas for recruiting, interviewing and skill assessments and is ideally suited for client-specific orientations.

This site will support firms needing both skilled and unskilled labor in metro Nashville, and surrounding, areas,” says Flexicrew’s Tennessee Area Manager, Tricia Bratton, who has an extensive background serving staffing clients in the Tennessee market for over 15 years.  “We’re excited to bring our custom approach of cost-effective, efficient, rapid response staffing solutions to this market.”

According to Misty Brennan, Flexicrew Executive Vice President, “The Nashville office will satisfy the rapidly growing needs current and future organizations in middle Tennessee in the manufacturing, distribution, administrative and custom placements.”

About Flexicrew Staffing

Flexicrew is an industry-leading staffing agency.  Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Flexicrew is focused on fast, quality recruitment and employee placement. It has been rated the 4th Fastest Growing Staffing business in 2015, is a recipient of the 2019 Client Satisfaction Award.

Our employment agency strives to bring a highly efficient, cost-effective staffing solution and can have qualified candidates job-ready within a very tight timeframe.

Flexicrew is family-owned and run and brings together the best complementary management and support team, resulting in over 95% customer satisfaction.  * Certified survey by Clearly Rated.

If you would like more information about Flexicrew Staffing, please contact Tricia Bratton at 423.803.2739 or tricia@flexicrew.com.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring A Staffing Agency

Picture Best Staffing Agency

There are thousands of staffing companies that exist in the U.S. with many of them well known. That can offer some reassurance and make for easy decisions on hiring a staffing agency. But, problems and mistakes can occur if your company has a need for special skills. Or, you want employees who fit either a narrow range of criteria or too many. Nothing is ever guaranteed and unfortunate surprises can happen because of intense competition in the temp staffing industry. Due diligence and keeping a keen eye on third party providers must be maintained.

Hiring a Staffing Agency

Just as you want to cast the widest net possible if you are searching for employees, the same applies to staffing agencies. The best practice is to use multiple staffing agencies when possible. You never know what is happening within another business. That means a level of trust has to exist on your part that any agency is doing everything right. Proper screening, background checks, and ensuring people with the skills you want are referred. Working with 1-2 agencies creates overlap that could work to your benefit.

All employers want highly skilled, experienced, and educated employees. Imposing a list of criteria and asking temp agencies to find candidates who fit the bill is a toss-up. Of course any agency working for you will do their best to come through with qualified people. To be fair, the exact nature of the skill sets you seek will make a difference. Obviously there will be varying amounts of difficulty depending on what you want. The risk is receiving applicants who are not fully qualified which means wasted time. Your company may have to wait much longer while the agency tries to fulfill your requirements.

You may be tempted to choose an agency that works fast and seems to deliver results very quickly. There is minimal contact from them which may be a plus because you are very busy. That is the company you want to avoid because they are not building a relationship with you. A staffing company must know your business on a deeper level so they understand your needs. In the future, take notice of efforts to visit your business to discuss your needs and even look around your operations. The best long term arrangements are built on positive and stronger relationships.

You can avoid wasted time by going beyond the interview process and testing candidates. Or rather, have the interviewing agency do this for you. Your company can create a test as part of the screening process. Most agencies only interview candidates, and there is no guarantee about the quality of the process. The best approach here is to ask potential agency hires if they are willing to do this. This is one test of the agency and will measure their desire to provide great service.

There are many factors contributing to mistakes made when hiring a temporary staff agency. Since avoiding them can be challenging, you have to perform your own due diligence. In time, you will learn which agency to pass on and those with whom a cultivated business relationship is desirable.

Flexicrew Staffing Agency Best in GA and east TN

The subtle secrets mentioned above are what you should be looking for before settling on the staffing agency that you intend to work with.  Give Flexicrew a call and we’ll work our magic on your workforce!

Flexicrew Receives Client Award for 6th Year

CHATTANOOGA, TN  (February 7, 2019) – Flexicrew Staffing, a leader in the industrial staffing industry, has earned a nationally recognized Best of Staffing® Client Award for providing superior service to their clients for the 6th time in the last 7 years, this year earning the highest score in Flexicrew history with an average of 9 out of 10 stars.

Client companies rated Flexicrew by taking a simple survey about the service they received, and the scores are tallied by ClearlyRated.com, an independent Net Promotor Score focused survey company. Only the top 1-2% of all staffing companies are rated high enough to earn the Best of Staffing award.

“We are proud to receive this award for the sixth time,” Flexicrew VP and owner, Misty Brennan said. “Every year brings new challenges to our industry and our team works hard to provide the best service, with the speed and flexibility that our clients expect. Client feedback is very important for us. We have to be able to touch base on a regular basis and change and grow based on our clients’ needs. We know that honest and timely feedback is the only way we can truly get better and best our competitors.”

The survey had clients rank their relationship with Flexicrew on a scale of 1-10. A score of 9 or 10 indicates the client has a positive relationship with the company and is likely to recommend us to peer companies. Flexicrew received satisfaction ratings of 9 or 10 from 77 percent of their clients, 2.5 times higher than the industry average of 32 percent.


Extremely happy working with Flexicrew.”

If there are any issues, and those have been very few, they are resolved promptly and with great attention.”

Good Service.”

The team was very professional and provided a great service and candidates.”

I enjoy working with Flexicrew and they have helped us many times.”

Always had a solid business relationship with Flexicrew.”

Most of the guys I have in my shop have come from Flexicrew.”

About Flexicrew

Flexicrew is family-owned and run since 2008, focusing on fast and flexible staffing solutions. Flexicrew makes use of technology and industry best practices to deliver the most talented and qualified professionals –industrial, skilled and unskilled, clerical – to clients within most major industries. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, and have current plans to continue expanding in the TN, GA, SC, and north AL markets.

About Best of Staffing®

ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award is the only award in the U.S. and Canada that recognizes staffing agencies that have proven superior service quality based entirely on ratings provided by their clients and job candidates. Award winners are showcased by city and area of expertise on ClearlyRated.com – an online business that helps buyers of professional services find service leaders and vet prospective firms – based exclusively on validated client and talent ratings.

Ask the Flexpert…Job Descriptions – Do they Matter?

Why formal job descriptions?

Ask the Flexpert
Ask our Flexpert any job description questions to get it right.

Hiring organizations have no legal obligation to develop, maintain or periodically revise job descriptions. By the same token, there are multiple advantages and legal upsides that make that practice useful.


Good job descriptions perform several important functions

They are especially useful if they are carefully written, maintained and used.

They describe the key elements, specifications and functions of every job for employers. Formal job descriptions are the basis for setting expectations for positions.  They reflect the skills and experience job candidates must have.  They are also useful as a basis for performance appraisals.

Likewise, they provide benefits to other teams or individuals who interface with a certain position to know what to expect from that function.

Key components

Then, let’s define some important parts.  For instance:

  • Job titleList of The right job description elements
  • Goals of the job
  • Pay rates
  • Hours/shifts, overtime and weekend work
  • Exempt/non-exempt status
  • Employee benefits
  • Organization reporting relationships/hierarchy
  • General duties including descriptions of significant activities
  • Position duties which make up the main part of the job’s actions
  • Background including experience, education, licenses, credentials, training, and necessary tech skills
  • Harsh states such as: contact with severe temps, prolonged standing, heavy lifting,  major overtime, etc.

Summing up

In other words, job descriptions are key details of every job, for every firm.  We described how good ones perform many central functions.  We also outlined how to write clear, concise and accurate job descriptions that define defined roles.

Also, have new-hires sign employment contracts.  They should state that they have received their job specs, reviewed them, and agree what’s assumed in their role.  This can better protect and inform both employer and employee.

Want to find out how to access Flexicrew’s broad network of skilled workers and professionals?  Contact us today!

Or ask us to review your firm’s job descriptions.


The 5 Myths about Hiring Temporary Staff Workers

There are so many reasons why you may want to hire temporary staff. All businesses experience a range of changing conditions such as cyclic production demands. There are also efficiency gains with using a staffing agency to handle all aspects of temporary staff. However, your business has to be aware of just how much the temporary staff industry has changed. This is very much in your best interest to minimize risks.


Let’s review some of the ‘myths’ surrounding hiring temporary staff.  These ‘myths’ are generally accurate.  And it pays to understand them and to play by the rules to better protect your company

MYTH #1 – Your temporary staff workers are completely screened and are the best possible fit

Staffing agencies should determine each candidate’s level of motivation, work ethic and general attitudes. This can be done with a focus on your industry and what your business requires.

Staffing agencies should perform required criminal and general background checks. Also, staffing agencies can avoid future problems by ensuring each candidate has access to reliable transportation. This rule may be ignored if the candidate lives close-by or public transportation is available.

But even though the agency may use all the tools at their disposal, they sometimes may miss the mark on a cultural or quality fit because they just can’t know all the in’s and out’s of your day to day business.


MYTH #2 – Your company will never be held liable because the staffing agency assumes complete responsibility

Are you familiar with the term, ‘employer of record?’  Who carries this designation can make all the difference. Almost since the beginning, temporary staffing agencies were considered the employer of record. In addition, these agencies naturally carried the burden of responsibility in many areas.

But recent legal cases in US courts have found both the staffing agency and the client employer “Co-employers” . Make sure you speak with your staffing agency if you have any specific concerns about being the employer of record.

MYTH #3 – All temporary staff are properly trained and skilled for the positions they are filling

Staffing agencies require job descriptions before they can begin recruiting for any position. The recruiters need to understand the job requirements and skill levels for their employees to be successful.  If possible, the agency will test for specific skills so that the best possible candidates are sent to the client.

Staffing agencies cannot test or guarantee every skill level – this is an impossibility. They can trust, and verify – and the client should do the same before putting the new employee to work using a piece of equipment or machinery.

MYTH #4 – You can be sure all staffing agencies send you temporary staff eligible to work in the US

The legal requirement for all US businesses is to only employ workers who are legally eligible for employment. But, there have been criminal prosecutions against agencies that provide illegal workers to clients.

Therefore, confirm that your staffing agency uses the E-Verify system to prevent hiring ineligible temporary staff. You can further increase peace of mind by receiving verification in writing.

MYTH #5 – Temporary staffing can never stain your business reputation

Unfortunately, your business can suffer from negative feedback through no fault of your own. This could arise if the temporary staffing agency treats their employees unfairly.

There are two major points here.

First, temporary staff often associate your business with the staffing agency. So the blame and bad press will extend to you. Second, social media and local word of mouth advertising are powerful and universal. Never assume that anything significant will remain under the rug.

The moral of the story is “buyer beware.”

Here are American Staffing Association tips to choose and work with the best staffing agency for your organization. Look into and observe staffing agencies before selecting one.  That can save you time and money, give you peace of mind and result in a lasting business relationship.


Choosing the Temporary Staff and Temporary Staffing Agency You Need

  • Shop around
  • Evaluate your interaction with different staffing agency managers and recruiters
  • Note your impressions
  • Understand how the staffing agency  recruits and retains its temporary staff
  • Ask about their method of screening and testing the workforce
  • Make sure the company fully understand your needs

Source: American Staffing Association (ASA)




Introducing the Employer Advocate

Launching Flexicrew’s Employer Advocate

We’re very excited to launch Flexicrew’s Employer Advocate.  We will post on many issues – from using a staffing agency to using seasonal workers, from risk of law violation in hiring, to retention of quality talent.

Talent acquisition and workforce management are difficult, so we will provide tips and shortcuts from our experience.

The tone will be serious and conservative – meaning factual – but with a light touch to make dry subjects readable.

Employer Advocate Feedback

Periodically, we will ask for your feedback by having a periodic survey or poll on the blog.

We hope you ask questions about what interests you because the Employer Advocate must be a useful tool for you. In other words, we plan to blog what you want to read.

Employer Advocate Content

How will we achieve this?

In the first place, the blog will offer content in several categories:

  • Staffing agency
  • Temporary employees
  • Industry trends
  • Best safety practices
  • Useful resources from the web
  • Flexicrew Company
  • News
  • Valuable insights from human resource articles


So, welcome to Employer Advocate blog, the online magazine devoted to:
• Helping you take the next steps in managing your workforce.
• Getting the most productivity out of your workplace
• Enhancing your career
• Meeting your goals.

Explore content focusing on important aspects related to achieving your ambitions and balancing your personal life on your path to career success.

Your Turn

In fact, please give us your feedback  and pass along any topics you would like us to address.

Flexicrew Staffing Executives Present to Disaster Recovery Industry Leaders

Flexicrew Disaster Recovery Recruitment Team Delivered Speech at Business Continuance Expo


Flexicrew executives, Lillian Stanley and Katie Blish, had the opportunity to present to a range of emergency response managers and disaster recovery professionals at the 2018 Business Continuance Conference held at Las Vegas Mandarin Chinese Hotel April 12 – 13, 2018.


Stanley and Blish offered essential insights for quickly resourcing necessary staff to support disaster recovery. They also reviewed crisis management strategies and tools for success. Their audience gained practical tools to achieve faster results in disaster recovery.


“We were excited that Lillian and Katie attended this event as prominent speakers,” said Flexicrew CEO, Bill Brennan. “They jump-started a post-lunch crowd with ideas and expertise that got attendees thinking.”


The presentation was open to all registered conference attendees. If you missed it, Lillian will share disaster recovery insights on partnering with an experienced staffing agency to quickly deploy the necessary qualified staff. Call her at 251.943.0777.

Disaster recovery solutions at work from Flexicrew Staffing agency

About The Flexicrew Companies

Flexicrew Staffing’s expertise in multiple phases of emergency management— response, recovery, and mitigation— enables them to provide critical aid to clients in times of greatest need. 

The staffing agency has rich history in supplying the fastest disaster recovery management, resources and tools to complex situations.  It has experience across a wide range of aviary virus, hurricanes, floods, spills and other crises.


Staffing Industry Analysts in 2015 recognized Flexicrew as the 4th fastest-growing staffing agency in the U.S. over a 5-year period. Flexicrew was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.  It uses technology and industry best-practices to deliver qualified industrial, technical, and clerical talent to most major industries. Flexicrew has a presence in 25 markets with over 2,000 contractors placed in companies throughout the U.S. To learn more, visit https://www.flexicrew.com


If you would like more information about Flexicrew Staffing or any of our hiring initiatives, please contact us today.