What is the Greatest Challenge Facing Businesses Today?

According to a recent survey of over 500 senior executives, healthcare benefits were cited as the greatest challenge facing businesses today. Thirty-five percent of these executives stated that they are refraining from hiring new employees altogether.

For many businesses, healthcare costs are not a new problem. But executives claim that now the costs associated with the new healthcare reform act have made it even more difficult for them to decide to add employees.

Additionally, salary and compensation costs are a main concern to 41% of the business executives surveyed. Prior to the recession, the survey showed that only 33% were troubled by salary and compensation costs.

Now that healthcare laws and policies are changing, businesses are going to be put in situations where they’re faced with figuring out how to adjust their systems and processes to comply with policies instead of completely focusing on ongoing challenges facing businesses and opportunities.

Flexicrew Staffing is studying the issue of healthcare reform and its effect on hiring new employees. We are preparing to present solutions to our clients in 2013 so that they can be better prepared for the upcoming changes.

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Source: PR Newswire “Providing Healthcare Benefits is Top Business Challenge for Company Leadership, According to Adecco Staffing Survey.”

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