Direct Placement

We work with you to clarify needs and requirements, then locate and hire the top available talent
to bolster your staff.

Direct Hire services consist of:


How our fee works

For direct hires, Flexicrew charges a fee for placing the employee. The fee is based on the candidate’s first-year salary. Since the salary may vary depending on the experience of the candidate, the fee may vary per candidate. Before we start sending you resumes, you will approve a salary range that is acceptable for the position.

After you accept a candidate and pay the fee, the candidate becomes your employee and you are under no further obligation to Flexicrew. Remember, if you choose not to hire one of our candidates, there is never a fee to you.

No obligation to hire

You are under no obligation to hire one of the candidates we send you, even after you have interviewed the candidate. Flexicrew  narrows the potential pool of applicants so you don’t have to waste time on undesirable candidates, skills testing, and paperwork. But you make the final decision.