Essential StaffCARE

Flexicrew offers our employees benefits tailored to individuals’ needs. We offer Essential StaffCARE, an industry leading package of health and wellness benefits, to our temporary employees. Flexicrew’s Essential StaffCARE plan includes:

  • Medical, Prescription, Vision, Dental, Term Life, and Short-Term Disability coverage
  • Coverage for doctor’s office visits and inpatient benefits
  • No pre-existing condition limitations and no health questions
  • No waiting period on Medical: coverage begins the Monday following a payroll deduction and continues as long as you have deductions from your paycheck
  • Wellness benefits
  • Available coverage for your spouse and dependents up to age 26


 Additional Information

When can I enroll in the plan?

You will be able to enroll in the Essential StaffCARE program within 30 days of your hire date. You may make changes to your benefits or unenroll from coverage during our annual open enrollment period, or anytime you experience a Qualifying Life Event. (A Qualifying Life Event includes marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of children, death of immediate family member, Medicare entitlement, loss of prior coverage, employer bankruptcy, or loss of dependent status.)

Do I have to visit an in-network provider?

 It is not required that you visit an in-network provider. If you choose a provider who participates in the PPO network you receive two key advantages:

  • PPO discounts for all services
  • The provider will file the claim to the plan

What if I want to visit an in-network provider?

Should you choose to visit an in-network provider, you may use these links to search for providers in your area.


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