How to Find the Best Staffing Agency for Your 2020 Needs

Employers who decide to outsource for temporary employees are looking for the highest caliber people. The challenge then becomes how to find the best staffing agency. According to recent economic and business news in January 2020, employers are slowly beginning to hire contingent workers rather than permanent employees.  That diminishes their risk if they should face an economic slowdown.

This means your business might consider hiring temporary staff. Be sure you avoid unnecessary pressure by getting an early start with this process. Give your company enough time to choose an agency that is the ideal fit. By doing so, you will be more likely to find the best employees.

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What actions should employers take to find the ideal staffing agency?

Aligning Desired Criteria with the Real World

Employers have a need to contain pay rates to their desired levels. On the other hand, there may be a need for experience that normally would exceed the maximum pay scale. This is a typical situation that demands clear dialogue between the employer and the staffing agency. The agency understands market conditions and trends and has a responsibility to inform the employer that an adjustment needs to be made.

The maximum pay rate has to be raised to attract the candidates with the commensurate experience. Or, the desired experience has to be lowered to meet the original pay scale. Higher quality agencies will inform employers of conflicts between their ideal criteria and real world expectations and help set an appropriate balance.

Customer service is important with all staffing companies. The only way to find out how a company performs is to give them a test drive. This is where it pays for employers to start their search for an agency as early as possible. The reason for this is employers can call and get a feeling about the person they may be working with. Any questions should be answered professionally and from a base of knowledge.

Higher Quality Candidates with Specialized Staffing Agencies

Employers should be cautious with any agency that seems to be a one-size-fits-all staffing firm. If the employer has a need for a specialized technical area, then search for staffing agencies that cater to that specialized  field. This form of staffing specialization produces greater knowledge of what employers need. The result will be candidates who are screened better. The agency will know exactly what to look for and will know how to drill down into candidate experience, knowledge, and skills.

Long-term Strategies to Identify High Quality Third-Party Agencies

Any employer who anticipates using temporary staffing firms as a long term solution can use more strategies when choosing the best. Here is a good example of how this approach can produce good results. Some agencies will take additional time to determine the ideal candidates for a client. Others are not as conscientious and will send as many candidates as possible. Unfortunately, employers really have no way of knowing which type of agency uses the first approach or the second.

The way for any employer to get a solid idea about an agency may be to use several firms and judge the quality of the candidates. This is a more drawn-out process which is why this is a good option for long-term, strategic planning.

Find the Best Staffing Agency for Your 2020 Needs

Finding the best staffing agency for your needs in 2020 will be challenging if you have never used temp staffing services. However, you can minimize risks by becoming informed, starting your search as early as possible, and taking a calculated yet measured approach.  During this hectic time, Flexicrew has the perfect solution for your requirements.  Contact one of our professional Account Managers Today!

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