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FlexEvolve Program

The FlexEvolve™ Program

Your hiring needs are unique. Each hire you make is made up of elements unlike any other and requires a unique set of skills and experience. Our goal is to help you create the best possible team to assure maximum project efficiency from beginning to end. FlexEvolve sets in motion a proven process to build a professional team perfectly matched to your needs and provides us a mechanism to evolve as a true staffing partner. This four-step process allows us to work closely with you in a strategic partnership arrangement through the lifecycle of your current workforce needs and beyond.

Flexicrew’s recruitment process responds to the ever-changing employment challenges in our industry.  We  develop custom recruiting plans tailored to each client.

  • Background checks and drug screening
  • I9 compliance – verification of Social Security numbers through the Social Security Administration
  • Skills assessments
  • In-depth, face-to-face interviews between the applicant and experienced recruiters
  • Documentation of work experience and performance
  • Reference verifications with former employers
  • Customized assessments tailored to the client’s special requests
  • Employee orientation –  a complete review of the client’s policies as well as thorough coverage of job requirements and safety procedures

Job Description

Detailed description of job to be filled. Hours, responsibility, skill set needed, etc.


Education, experience, product knowledge, managerial capabilities, salary requirements and more.


Recruiters use the resume database, ads, online job postings, and research to find qualified candidates.


Flexicrew uses a detailed pre-employment screening process, which includes skill tests and background checks.


You decide which of our qualified applicants will work best for you.