Flexicrew Onsite Recruitment Manager Benefits

What is an Onsite Recruitment Manager and how can your Business Benefit?  

Onsite Recruitment Manager

The Flexicrew onsite recruitment manager program looks different for every client company. It might consist of simply checking in employees and getting them assigned to lines at the start of each shift. But it could be as extensive as a full time on-site representative.  He or she would be responsible for all staffing, timekeeping and disciplinary actions. The extent of the program is determined by your company’s individual situation.  Furthermore, it is customized to your requirements starting with a thorough workforce plan and analysis.  Why should you have your permanent professional staff spend time and money managing temporary employees? Flexicrew Staffing can do it for you more efficiently at with less expense.

Thorough, Comprehensive Hiring Program

Has the pandemic, remote work and ‘The Great Resignation” affected your workforce negatively?  Has your productivity been thrown into a hit-or-miss proposition?  Or even chaos?  Does your organization need a more thorough, comprehensive hiring program?  Is it more than you are willing and/or able manage?

Initially, the Flexicrew on-site program begins with a 3-part workforce investigation.  That provides a baseline to understand your company’s needs. In addition, we gather information from your key internal staff members. Then, Flexicrew designs a hiring program matching your requirements and workplace culture. Our key is understanding your issues, how your company operates and then building a solid partnership program.

  Benefits of an Onsite Recruitment Manager

Following are some benefits clients with on site programs have experienced:

  • Increase in productivity.
  • Decrease in staffing costs.
  • Improvement in shift starting times.
  • Flexibility to meet unexpected client demands.
  • Reduced turnover.

”Working with Flexicrew has been great. The service department is like none other that we have worked with. Response time and customer support are outstanding. These guys will keep you up and running.”  – Current onsite client


Onsite recruitment manager brings many benefits to an employer

Onsite Recruitment Manager Definition

What exactly is an on-site management program?

Our onsite program helps you manage your supplemental workforce requirements or supports your staff with hiring needs. Unfortunately, burnout and resignations are rampant in HR due to the pandemic.  Our onsite managers could substitute for the dwindling supply of HR recruiters.  He maintains a steady stream of additional quality temporary workers.  The program could simply assist you in coordinating incremental workers at the beginning of a shift. Conversely, it could be more extensive. For example, a full time coordinator(s) handling an entire talent recruitment platform.  It’s really up to you.

Equipment and Location

Who supplies the facility space and equipment?

In some situations our client company supplies work space.  However, in smaller programs Flexicrew could manage the temporary associates in the break room  Or in some other location the client designates. The onsite recruitment manager program may necessitate full-time onsite representative(s) at the facility. In that case, Flexicrew would provide computers and other supplies. But either way, we will collaborate with you on the optimum arrangement.

Rationale for Outsourcing talent Recruitment and Retention

Why use an onsite management program rather than just hiring employees myself?

  • Your supervisors have more time to concentrate on their core business activities
  • Reduced turnover due to our screening process
  • increase in production rates
  • Flexibility since we can ramp up or down very quickly
  • Save money by not having to keep staff on in downtimes
Onsite Manager Program Greater Efficiency
  • On average, overtime spend is up to 20% less
  • Temporary worker retention is about 30% higher
  • Time to fill temporary positions is up to 50% quicker
  • Onsite staffing manager’s presence drives associates’ engagement and performance
Higher Safety Standards
  • OSHA-compliant hazard assessments and weekly safety prevention inspections
  • OSHA-compliant new hire orientation and safety incentive programs for temporary staff
  • Employer-Agency coordinated OSHA 300/301 Log Data
Onsite Manager Risk Management and Compliance Enforcement
  • Compliance with State and Federal employment law
  • EEO compliance
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Compliance  with Worker’s compensation and employment eligibility
Payment Terms for Onsite Recruitment Manager

Do we pay for the onsite recruitment manager?

In general, clients are billed for the associates Flexicrew places, either on an hourly rate or a direct-hire fee.  That is dependent on our agreement. The onsite recruitment manager is part of the program and as a standard is not directly charged to you.

Flexicrew Hiring Program

What are your hiring challenges?

Flexicrew onsite recruitment manager model is different from traditional staffing.  It allows the onsite recruiter to focus solely on one client. The recruiter immerses him or herself within the employer’s team and culture.  He or she becomes an expert on the client brand, mission and processes. Are you searching for an onsite recruitment manager. Desire a staffing partner who can tailor a solution to the nuances of your business? Then  we should talk. We look forward to helping you grow your business!

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