From the CEO

In Las Vegas at the annual American Staffing Association conference, I attended a roundtable seminar moderated by a group of CFO’s from $200 million+ companies. This group uniformly made the point that companies should do what they’re best at and not much else. Each one agreed that we, as management, should look at ourselves and determine what we are experts at and focus our efforts there. And if we’re not an expert at something, then we should look at outsourcing it.


At another session during this same conference, I was struck by a profoundly simple statement, “Do something that you’re passionate about.”  As a business, we need to look at all the economic factors around us and decide to do something that we are the best in the world at doing and passionate about doing well. Our long-term success probably hinges on this.


Honestly, it makes me nervous to outsource some things – but on the other hand, if someone else can do it better and more efficiently, then why not? So I have begun the process of looking at other businesses who are experts to manage some of Flexicrew’s business functions.


Our business is not about transactions. Our business is to be staffing experts, a consultative resource for our clients. If we focus on that, then we can help our clients run their businesses and focus on being experts at what they do.


  Misty Brennan, CEO, Flexicrew

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