How Much Should You Be Paying For Your Health Care Benefits?

A major concern of many men and women in the workforce is health care benefits. “Will I receive benefits?” “How much does coverage cost?” “Will my benefits cover my family?” Employees of Flexicrew need no longer ask these questions. We provide our employees healthcare benefits through Essential StaffCARE, an industry leading health insurance provider. Our affordable plans can be tailored to meet your needs. Let’s have a look at what Essential StaffCARE has to offer you.


What Kind of Benefits am I Offered?”

With Essential StaffCARE our employees may choose to enroll in one, few, all, or none of the following health care benefits:

  • Medical Benefits*
  • Dental Benefits
  • Vision Benefits
  • Term Life Benefits
  • Short-Term Disability Benefits


“How Much will my Coverage Cost?

Weekly rates for each plan are as follows:

  • Employee only medical coverage: $23.69
  • Employee only dental coverage: $5.23
  • Employee only vision coverage: $2.35
  • Employee only term life $0.60
  • Employee only short-term disability $4.20


“Will the Benefits Cover my Family?”

Absolutely! The plans offer employee plus one and family health care benefits. These are the weekly rates:

  • Employee plus one medical coverage: $48.08
  • Family medical coverage: $64.20
  • Employee plus one dental coverage: $10.46
  • Family dental coverage: $17.26
  • Employee plus one vision coverage: $4.00
  • Family vision coverage: $5.64
  • Employee plus one term life coverage: $0.90
  • Family term life: $1.80


If you are employed through Flexicrew and would like to enroll in Essential StaffCARE, please contact your branch manager. If you have any questions or would like to make changes you your existing plan please call 1-866-798-0803.


*To enroll in additional plans, you must first enroll in medical benefits.




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