How Resilient Workers Use a Support Team

When used appropriately, a support team can help a worker be resilient during our current challenges.  A good support team has a clear understanding of the goal and helps a resilient worker stay focused.  A resilient worker also uses their support team to find the best ways to overcome obstacles.  As a group, a resilient worker and her support team work together to find realistic solutions to problems.

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Business leaders understand how to use the members of their support team to succeed.  They identify each member’s strengths and use those skills to the group’s advantage.  Psychologists who study team dynamics identify the four ways a support group helps a resilient worker achieve goals.  Combining these two perspectives describes how resilient people best use the members of their support group and the individual contribution members can make toward the goal.

 1. Detailed-oriented and Organized Members Handle Difficult Situations

Two invaluable skills within a support team are:

  • attention to detail and…
  • organization

Attention to detail allows resilient workers to continue progress toward the goal even when things are difficult.  Detail-oriented members of a support team focus on quality and on completing each step of the process correctly.  Because of their attention to detail, mistakes are corrected early, and failures can be minimized or avoided.

Organized support team members excel at coordinating the appropriate response to difficult situations.  They know which resources and team members are best suited to solve problems and overcome specific obstacles.  Their skills allow them to plan and implement strategies in a way that will provide success.

Both these skills are crucial within a support team.  Resilient people use support team members to keep the group on track in a productive manner.  When a resilient team member is faced with a difficult situation, they know they can rely on their support team to follow the plan correctly and help overcome obstacles.

 2. Consistent Team Members Keep the Goal in Perspective

Consistent members of a support team help each resilient worker to stay focused on the goal. They don’t allow distraction to stop progress.  Consistent team members also remain calm during stressful situations, making their work effective overall.  Consistent members of a support team provide a clear view of how the plan is reaching the goal and keep working toward success.

Even resilient people have distractions in life.  However, resilient members learn from the example set by other team members.  They know that each step brings them closer to the goal, and progress requires patience and commitment.

 3. Diplomatic Members Use Resources Wisely

Diplomatic support team members understand the importance of group dynamics and how each member can feel valued for their contribution. A support team provides each member with a wealth of skills and knowledge.  A diplomatic support team member helps make everyone in the group productive and useful.

Resilient people use the diplomatic members of their support team to create a collective, cohesive group.  They rely on the team for guidance.  Whether the group succeeds or fails, resilient workers use the strengths of all team members to help everyone learn and grow and to celebrate success.

 4. Optimistic, Driven Members Provide Motivation

The progress needed to reach a goal is often slow and methodical. At times, it may seem like there isn’t any progress being made.  Optimistic, driven support team members provide motivation when progress is slow, or obstacles seem insurmountable.  They understand how to motivate everyone to reach their goal.

Each resilient worker possesses self-motivation.  However, external motivation helps keep everyone focused and reduces stress.  Resilient people use the optimism and drive of their support team members when things are difficult to stay focused and committed to the goal.

Working as a group often achieves better results than working alone. Resilient workers need to understand the skills of their support team members are necessary for success.  They use their support team to help handle difficult situations, stay focused on the goal, maximize resources, and stay motivated.

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