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On-Site Management

“Working with Flexicrew has been great. The service department is like none other than we have worked with. Response time and customer support are outstanding. These guys will keep you up and running.”

— Current Flexicrew On-Site Client

What are your hiring challenges?

The Flexicrew on-site program begins with a conversation in order to understand your company’s needs and hiring challenges. With help from your key internal staff members, Flexicrew designs a hiring program that fits with your requirements and workplace culture.

Following are some benefits clients with on site programs have experienced:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in staffing costs
  • Improvement in shift starting times
  • Flexibility to meet unexpected client demands

Do you need a more comprehensive hiring program than you are willing and/or able manage?

The On-site management program looks different for every company. It might consist of simply checking in employees and getting them assigned to lines at the start of each shift. It could be as extensive as a full time on-site representative, handling all staffing, timekeeping and disciplinary actions. The extent of the program is determined by your company’s individual situation.


It is a program that helps you manage your every-day staffing needs.  The program can be as extensive as a full time coordinator(s) handling an entire hiring program.

In some cases the client company does need to provide a work space, but for less extensive programs it might only require Flexicrew to manage the staff in the lunch room or by the timeclocks. If the program requires a full time on site representative, Flexicrew will work with you on the best way to set up the partnership.

  • More time for your supervisors to concentrate on their core business activities
  • Reduced turnover due to our screening process
  • Increase in production rates
  • Flexibility, as we can ramp up or down very quickly
  • Save money by not having to keep staff on in downtimes