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Flexicrew is not an out of the box recruiting firm; we are a fast and flexible organization dedicated to providing personal service to each and every client and candidate.

Each Flexicrew branch has access to national resources and corporate functionality, but each maintains a small business mentality so that they can remain agile and responsive to individual customer needs.

How do we distinguish ourselves from our competitors? It’s in the level of service that Flexicrew’s employees are committed to providing. We will go the extra mile. Go ahead, test us.  

Our goal is to become a seamless extension of your business allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities. With all clients, we strive to be a business partner that understands the industry environment, as well as the local marketplace.


A one-size-fits-all approach is never an option because Flexicrew understands that each client is unique. We know that you have a specific culture, way of doing things, billing/payable processes, etc. We will design an overall strategy that will help us fit seamlessly into your organization so that you get optimal results.


We are continually recruiting skilled candidates for key industries, so we are able to quickly deliver what you need.

Industry Specialization

An in depth knowledge in our focus industries provides us with unique insight into your business, and allows us to serve your staffing needs quickly and reliably.

Consultative Mentality

A long-term partnership with Flexicrew is where our clients see the most value. We take the time to understand your business and, with many clients, are able to anticipate when they will most likely need to increase their workforce. We can develop a customized recruitment plan to source and deliver employees whenever and wherever they are needed.