Payroll Pitfalls

How Flexicrew can help your business stay legal

With all the pitfalls awaiting business people just in the payroll function, why don’t more companies use staffing agencies?

Mayra Simmons, our payroll expert, recently attended a Payroll Law seminar.Mayra Simmons

“I walked out much more conscious of details than when I walked in,” she said. “I was relieved because we already complied with everything they talked about that applied to us. But I was more concerned as a result of knowing about the small things that can cost big bucks.”

How much can mistakes cost you? Read more…

Seemingly trivial paperwork errors on an I-9 can cost a company $250 per violation. Even something as simple as the employee signing the wrong place on the form can cost $50! Did you know that the IRS does not allow any of the fields in a W-4 to be crossed out if there is an error on the form? Although the list of snares is much longer, little mistakes like this can cause big grief for a company.


It’s one thing if you have the resources to support an accounting department to stay on top of the latest in rulings and laws. But if you’re stretched thin, you might want to think about letting us take on that burden for you!


Of course Flexicrew can supply you with employees; we can also put people you hire on our payroll. We call that a “payroll service,” but, unlike ADP, we offer much more. Although the employee works for you, they are carried on our books as an employee and we will take care of the payroll law and other employment related compliance matters for you!


Is the cost of a misplaced signature really worth $50? Call Flexicrew today to learn how we can save you time and money.



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