How To Staff Your Project For Long Term Success

Every business project will succeed or fall short for many possible reasons. But the core factors for long term success will include the following elements.

  • The people who are directly responsible for driving the project.
  • Managers and other personnel who choose the project staff.
  • How much support the project and key drivers receive from upper-level management.

Of course there are additional influences that will be known and unknown. But for now, let’s talk about critical points for staffing your next business project.

Create guidelines containing the best criteria for selecting program staff. There are several important ways your business will benefit from this task. First, everyone will be afforded the best chance to succeed. You will have the best people assigned to the project. Secondly, your business will benefit because the long term gains can be profitable for years to come.

Level of Motivation

You will find some people who will be more motivated and passionate about the project. However, assessing motivation levels can be subjective. In a sense, this is similar to hiring employees, yet the difference here is the people are known entities. Project candidates have a track record in your business, and this can be a useful resource.

Individual understanding and expectations

This point relies heavily on the quality of communication between management and individuals. The former has the responsibility to clearly communicate the project information to include scope, purpose, and individual responsibilities. There needs to be a give and take so each party knows the other understands what is on the table.

Identify key players

You know how important leadership is for all facets of your business. A project is much like a microcosm of your business and major organizational components. There needs to be a single leader for a project who is capable and proven. As a side note, you may want to find a balance if there are multiple individuals with strong leadership qualities. It is normal to have conflicts and even clashes between such individuals.

Communication qualities

Sometimes you never know where a terrific idea will come from. That’s why projects need to have an element of open dialog and communications. You also want team members who are skilled and confident about sharing their professional opinions and ideas. Feedback processes need to be in place with established guidelines for use.


Internal bickering, clashes, agendas, and differences can bring a project to its knees. It is likely that you have witnessed this effect in your business career. Preventing this can be a challenge depending on the project staff you are considering. Successfully negotiating these waters requires strong leadership from the top. The bottom line is your project team members have to be professional and mature by focusing on the project and business goals.


In conclusion, one of the most influential success factors is receiving and maintaining the buy-in from company stakeholders. Your project and the staff may be making great inroads and progress. But they need critical support from your business, organization, and key management figures.

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