Staffing America’s Essential Services that Staffing Agencies Provide During Pandemic

American Staffing Agencies Come Through for Employers

The American Staffing Association released this statement to the news media from Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer, about the staffing industry’s and staffing agencies vital response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

“During one of the worst crises ever to face our country, staffing firms are playing a vital role.  Furthermore, they help to ensure the flow of essential goods and services the American people need to weather the storm.

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Turning to Staffing Agencies

Businesses and governments alike are turning to the staffing industry to supply temporary and contract employees.

  • to help produce and deliver food, pharmaceuticals, and other necessities.
  • To provide critically-needed health care services and medical professionals to hospitals and other facilities’
  • And to help state and local governments manage the massive unemployment and financial assistance programs.

As part of this effort, the American Staffing Association and the Retail Industry Leaders Association have launched a “staffing connector.”   This helps fill openings for retail workers at essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies. Online, searchable directories on the ASA and RILA websites connect retailers with staffing agencies nationwide.   This fills high-demand jobs like warehouse workers, store clerks, cashiers and greeters, forklift drivers, and more.

In fact, “Staffing agencies are perfectly positioned to deploy temporary workers displaced due to COVID-19.”  So said Brian Dodge, RILA president in a joint press release. RILA’s partnership with ASA will help retailers connect with staffing agencies.  So individuals who need jobs can find work in an industry that is unexpectedly seeing a surge in demand for essential goods.”

Staffing agencies supply essential workers to meet the crisis.  A top priority is to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.  Also, ASA’s online resource library provides up to date information on how staffing companies and their clients can protect those workers. At the same time, ASA is engaging with Congress and federal agencies to ensure that staffing agencies and their employees have access to the financial assistance they need to carry on their critical mission.

Finally, ASA and the staffing industry remain steadfast in their commitment to protecting jobs and the economic health of our nation as we all work together to fight through the pandemic.”

Richard Wahlquist.
President and Chief Executive Officer.
American Staffing Association.

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