What You Must Know Before Hiring a Staffing Agency

Even if your business is currently using temporary staffing, you can benefit by considering what’s important to know prior to hiring a staffing agency. This is a process any person or business needs to do with any potential outside service. There is too much at stake and the possible consequences are too great. You are also correct by assuming this will consume company resources because someone will be tasked to perform this research. But just like anything else in business, this is an investment with a tangible ROI.

The Power of Relationships

As you know, one of the most powerful actions any business can take is forming relationships with other businesses. The same strategy can be applied with existing staffing agencies you are currently using. Then you can extend this approach with future agencies.

One immediate effect will be creating a desire to go the extra mile for your business. These agencies will have a natural desire to work harder and it is because of the good relations. They want to keep your business, but that is true for all of their clients. So the difference comes directly from human nature and the added component of the business relationship.

Don’t just use temporary staffing agencies selfishly because they will remember it. If you value business relationships, and the benefits it produces, then you will be an ideal customer. Your business, as a client of the agency, can add value by being engaged with them. That means your company reaches out and has face-to-face communications. Offer them positive feedback and assurances your business intends to continue the relationship. This is how you will be remembered, and they will reciprocate when your needs are pressing and need to be filled.

Evaluating Your Business Needs

Let’s focus on what your business needs to know on your end before hiring a temp staffing agency. Many businesses have a clear idea they will need additional staffing. But it’s the details that are often overlooked such as the precise basis for your need. For example, projected production quotas will help you determine how many additional workers you may need. You will also have to extrapolate to all departments that support production. Perhaps you can spread additional responsibilities to existing permanent employees. In this way, you can absorb higher production without the need to hire more temp workers.

You can research and discover interesting feedback provided by temporary workers from the field. Analyzing enough information reveals shared experiences across the board. One such example is how frequently the client company is ill-prepared to receive temp hires. Work spaces with supporting equipment is not in place happens all the time. The effect is along the lines of the organization has forgotten that a new arrival, or more than one, has started. Then it’s a scramble to ensure the new temp worker stays busy and has something to do. This clearly falls on the shoulders of the client company and those in charge of receiving the new worker.

We have covered a few important areas where your business can better prepare for hiring a temporary staffing agency. Keep in mind this post has only touched the surface.  There are many more important areas to take into account and additional research is recommended.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring A Staffing Agency

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There are thousands of staffing companies that exist in the U.S. with many of them well known. That can offer some reassurance and make for easy decisions on hiring a staffing agency. But, problems and mistakes can occur if your company has a need for special skills. Or, you want employees who fit either a narrow range of criteria or too many. Nothing is ever guaranteed and unfortunate surprises can happen because of intense competition in the temp staffing industry. Due diligence and keeping a keen eye on third party providers must be maintained.

Hiring a Staffing Agency

Just as you want to cast the widest net possible if you are searching for employees, the same applies to staffing agencies. The best practice is to use multiple staffing agencies when possible. You never know what is happening within another business. That means a level of trust has to exist on your part that any agency is doing everything right. Proper screening, background checks, and ensuring people with the skills you want are referred. Working with 1-2 agencies creates overlap that could work to your benefit.

All employers want highly skilled, experienced, and educated employees. Imposing a list of criteria and asking temp agencies to find candidates who fit the bill is a toss-up. Of course any agency working for you will do their best to come through with qualified people. To be fair, the exact nature of the skill sets you seek will make a difference. Obviously there will be varying amounts of difficulty depending on what you want. The risk is receiving applicants who are not fully qualified which means wasted time. Your company may have to wait much longer while the agency tries to fulfill your requirements.

You may be tempted to choose an agency that works fast and seems to deliver results very quickly. There is minimal contact from them which may be a plus because you are very busy. That is the company you want to avoid because they are not building a relationship with you. A staffing company must know your business on a deeper level so they understand your needs. In the future, take notice of efforts to visit your business to discuss your needs and even look around your operations. The best long term arrangements are built on positive and stronger relationships.

You can avoid wasted time by going beyond the interview process and testing candidates. Or rather, have the interviewing agency do this for you. Your company can create a test as part of the screening process. Most agencies only interview candidates, and there is no guarantee about the quality of the process. The best approach here is to ask potential agency hires if they are willing to do this. This is one test of the agency and will measure their desire to provide great service.

There are many factors contributing to mistakes made when hiring a temporary staff agency. Since avoiding them can be challenging, you have to perform your own due diligence. In time, you will learn which agency to pass on and those with whom a cultivated business relationship is desirable.

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The subtle secrets mentioned above are what you should be looking for before settling on the staffing agency that you intend to work with.  Give Flexicrew a call and we’ll work our magic on your workforce!