Avoid These Manufacturing Resume Mistakes

Avoid these manufacturing resume mistakes if you want to gain your dream job.  You’ve probably been applying for manufacturing jobs all over the place.  Yet, you’re wondering why you’re your resume hasn’t gotten you any interviews.

Avoid these manufacturing resume mistakes

Manufacturing Job Resume Emphasize these Aspects

You must be honest on your resume. The majority of jobs require a background check these days so a recruiter will most likely discover your lie.  And when a recruiter uncovers a falsehood on a manufacturing job resume they will trash the resume regardless of how well it matches the job requirements.

Ensure you make the most of the small amount of space you have.  Therefore, tailor your resume for unique machine operator jobs.  Doing so will greatly improve your chances of landing an interview.

Also, use language that is easy to understand.

Avoid These Manufacturing Resume Mistakes

Here are three manufacturing resume mistakes to avoid:

1.Don’t Fabricate or Inflate Your Experience or Skills

The worst thing you can do on your resume is list skills you don’t have. You might get hired for the job, but it will rapidly be obvious that you lied, and you’ll likely be fired. Rather, emphasize your skills that correspond to the job requirements.

2. Don’t Include Skills That Are Not Relevant or Dated

Include skills on your resume based on the specific machine operator job you are apply for. List skills that are relevant to the role for example, and don’t include those that aren’t. Remember, you have limited space to explain why you should get an interview, as is the recruiter’s attention span.

3. Don’t Overuse Jargon or Insider Terms

Recruiters receive tons of resumes, and, jargon starts to become inane. For example, words like ‘team-player, ‘quick learner, and ‘enthusiastic’ cease to have the impressive meaning you think they do.  And they just become space-wasters.

Machine Operator Job Search Support

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5 Steps to Success in Your Machine Operator Job Search

If your machine operator job search is coming up short, then here are 5 skills you need to land your dream position. Flexicrew often searches for candidates with these 5 traits based on employers’ machine operator requirements.

First off, what does a machine operator job pay?  Typically, salaries average between $37,000 and $48,000, based on Salary.com data April 27, 2021.

5 machine operator job skills

That’s robust wages plus steady employment prospects and good teamwork in the work environment.  To land your first machine operator job or find a better machine operator job, we’ve given hints of what’s required.

Background You Need for a Machine Operator Job

Before you begin a machine operator job search, consider the learning and skills  valued by employers. You’ll need at least a high school diploma or GED. If you are experienced at machine operation, you may need additional specific qualifications like Technician Level 1 qualifications.

Employers value and look for these 5 essential abilities in addition to education and qualifications:

1.Energy and Strength

Often a machine operator  will perform recurring tasks, sometimes seated and often standing. You may also have to pick up heavy objects. As a result, energy and strength are basic for this position.  So you must continue your effort even if your body and brain are tired or numb.  Periodically take a break to restore stamina and energy.  So, you clearly must be in shape for this job.

2. Communication Proficiency

Even if you operate a machine on your own, you’ll be working as part of a team. Products usually roll through several processes before they are completed. To maintain high performance, connect with other members of your team to explain what you need and to support the requirements of other co-workers.

3. Detail-Oriented

You’ll need to be sharp and on the lookout, to spot inconsistencies whether setting a machine up or watching the product moving through production. Attention to detail and maintaining focus are essential skills of a top notch machine operator.  To become better at detail you must set goals, thoroughly understand roles and responsibilities.  Avoid multitasking, record your goals and activities, document your process results and be better organized.

4. Technology Literate

Modern industrial machines depend on inputs from computerized systems to perform well. You will need to record factors and regulate equipment using computer records. You will also generate the reports that document output and effectiveness.  Manufacturers use modern equipment to track available stock and ensure  orders are delivered properly. So even for low level positions, a machine operator should have IT and computer knowledge. The expert applicant  should also be able to understand the features of new software being used. Technical skills become more important for senior positions since new technologies are continually being used.  Decision makers and managers expect machine operation jobseekers to keep themselves updated with these latest technologies.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

A machine operator faces a new set of minor glitches daily.  You will apply your knowledge and experience to identify and solve problems, reduce downtime and improve productivity.  You must analyze causes of the unwanted situation, generate  alternatives, evaluate solutions, implement actions and assess their effectiveness.

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