Ask the Flexpert…What to Consider in a Needs Analysis?

Needs Analysis

When focusing on the types of needs required for a particular position, Flexicrew recommends the following should be implemented to capture the relevant information:

  • Organization or Institutional Analysis
  • Personal Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Work or Task Analysis
  • Suitable Training Analysis
  • Performance Analysis and …
  • Cost Analysis

Characiture of Flexpert

Organization or Institutional Analysis

This comprises the strategic plans of the organization, objective and goals. A proper development program should offer an organizational-based analysis which aims at solving the problems in a given institution. For example, if a training program is set to prepare a warehouse supervisor, then any warehouse that needs or offers such a position should be consulted and every aspect of its needs be taken into consideration.

Cost-benefit Analysis

This compares the cost of training to the projected benefit of the employee undertaking the training.

Suitable Training Analysis

Here you aim to solve employment problems. This will clearly state if a given training of that particular position provides the desired solution to the problem at hand and in the near feature.

Personal or Individual Analysis

This entails a level of already existing skill and knowledge on a given training, learning styles, and whoever is supposed to carry out the training process.

Do employees have the relevant skillset?

Changes in policy, software, procedures or equipment necessitate further employee training and development.

Content Analysis

This should be done to the employees specific to their positions. Have a look at their documents and testimonials and compare to the task that is supposed to be undertaken. For example, if he/she is an engineering manager, find out if s/he has trained in engineering before and what of the management recommendations from previous jobs, if not then s/he requires further development in order to serve in that position effectively.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis focuses on employees who are intended to carry out established standards. Below standard performance might require more development in that field to meet the set standard.

Knowledge, Abilities, and skills

All positions have competencies, which might vary from one to other. When explaining the particular position, all the desired skills, attitude, abilities and knowledge should be effectively pointed out.


Here is a list of competencies that employees in a given position should possess to work effectively: innovation, teamwork, planning, decision making, self-management, persuasion and influence, global perspective, leadership, customer focus, technology, risk management, communication, action orientation, adaptability, results-oriented, analytical skills, establishing objectives, fiscal management, coaching or employee development, project management, interpersonal skills among others.


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