“Flexicrew is dependable, reliable and delivers to expectations. I would recommend Flexicrew to any company that is looking for solid talent to bring into their organization.”

“This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Flexicrew Staffing and Lisa Preston. I have gotten to know Lisa and the staff at Flexicrew over the past year, it has been a pleasure doing business with them. I feel that Lisa and the staff at Flexicrew have done a remarkable job of finding me the right personal each time I have asked. They have always been professional and responded in a very timely manner to any questions I have had.”

“We have been using Flexicrew’s services since 2010. They have provided reliable technicians to fill our mechanical and millwright positions on a contract basis. Some of the technicians that we have contracted are now full time employees. Flexicrew management works well with our management to ensure that the right person is chosen for the job tasks. We are extremely satisfied with the services that Flexicrew has provided in the past couple of years and we continue to utilize their services today.”


We have been utilizing Flexicrew’s services since 2009 and they have always been capable of providing top quality personnel to meet our needs. Flexicrew has proven to be a valuable resource for short-term, long-term, specialized and administrative personnel.

We have worked with key Flexicrew managers for over 2 years, always with outstanding results. We will continue to work closely with Flexicrew when the need arises for any skilled level employees.”

They have always been capable of providing top quality personnel to meet our needs. Flexicrew has proven to be a valuable resource.”

Flexicrew has provided reliable technicians to fill our mechanic positions, as well as talented personnel that are capable of being trained for these positions. We have developed an open communication with Flexicrew and they are extremely thorough in screening applicants. They are eager to please their clients, and have proved this time and again with their friendly, timely and diligent approach.”

In the past year we have developed a solid relationship and look forward to working with them in the future.”

“Flexicrew has open communication with us and is very thorough in screening applicants. They are very timely and diligent in their approach.”

“I am writing to thank you for the effort put forth by Flexicrew during the recovery process of the widespread tornados in the State of Alabama. Your staff proved invaluable in helping us staff our projects with quality, trained, and responsible individuals. Their dedication and professionalism helped make this one of the most successful missions I have been a part of to date. I want you to know that I would recommend Flexicrew for all our staffing needs. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“We have been utilizing the services of Flexicrew Staffing since 2008. They have proven to be a reliable source of employees when needed to support our operations. When called upon, they are able to provide for our needs.”

We have a good working relationship and look forward to their continued support. ”

“We at VT Halter Marine Training Center, located at the Halter Moss Point yard, have worked with Flexicrew for some time now. We find the staff to be very professional and courteous in their service to the ship yard and our needs.”

The recruiting team has delivered numerous qualified personnel.”

There is an open line of communication between the training center and Flexicrew.

“I am pleased to recommend Flexicrew Staffing. They have consistently provided our company with capable personnel to fill key positions. The Flexicrew team constantly strives to meet our staffing needs in the quickest, most professional manner possible.”

We enjoy working with Flexicrew and will continue to utilize their services in the future.

sigI’ve been very impressed with the service provided from Flexicrew. I’ve been in operations for the past 20 years and have dealt with many temp agencies. Flexicrew has by far exceeded my expectations with great service and attention to detail. It’s nice to have a partner that you can depend on.”

Excellent service and qualified employees. Your company is great! Don’t change a thing.”

I’ve used Flexicrew on several occasions, even on short notice, on weekends, etc, and always had my needs met.”

Great service and communications during and after normal business hours.”

Professional sales representation, great all around recruiting effort, very Flexible.”

The level of communication and attention to detail was always great in all my dealings with Flexicrew. They are very responsive and quick.”

Outstanding service and support.”

Very good customer service.”

Great people – they always give immediate service to our needs.”

Very friendly and supportive staff. Willing to source on very short notice with great communication throughout the project.”

Flexicrew has provided us with great service! They are always available and visit our facility at least once a week to check on our employees. The screening that is done provides us with a higher quality of employees.”

Very friendly and supportive staff. Willing to source on very short notice with great communication throughout the project.”

My personal and company experience with Flexicrew in Mobile, AL and Baton Rouge, LA has been excellent. We have hired quite a few folks through Flexicrew with overall good success. I am very satisfied with the value and services I receive from Flexicrew.”

Flexicrew is always prompt in addressing our staffing needs, including after hours, weekends and emergency call outs. They recruit hard for us and are unfailing in their attention to detail.”

Flexicrew takes the time to screen candidates to ensure that those offered for interviews have skills/traits applicable to the work they will be performing.”

I believe Flexicrew has an outstanding staff who go above and beyond to help me with my needs.”

The team that supports our location is very responsive to our requests and customer service friendly.

I have worked with the Flexicrew staff for years and they are one of my most trusted vendors.”

Flexicrew is always here when we need them.”

They were very professional, knowledgeable and very easy to do business with.”

Quick and efficient response to my needs.”

Flexicrew has done an exceptional job finding employees and providing us with the services needed.”

The service we experienced from Flexicrew was outstanding. The staff paid attention to the details of our requests and accommodated our needs with efficiency. We have, in fact, recommended Flexicrew to numerous companies with whom we do business.”

I wouldn’t change a thing!”

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