Tips for a Great Experience with Flexicrew

Tips for getting the most out of your Flexicrew experience:

  • Call when an assignment has ended
    • When applying for a job at Flexicrew, you sign a New Employee Responsibility form. In this form it states that within 24 hours of the last day worked you are to call Flexicrew and inform them of the assignment’s end.
  • Check in at least once a week
    • Also found in the New Employee Responsibility form is a section that states you will call your local Flexicrew office and inform them of your availability. Failure to do so is considered voluntary resignation and you waive all rights to unemployment benefits and claims.
  • Update contact information regularly
    • We need to be able to contact you if a job becomes available. Call us every time your phone number changes. You should give us back up phone numbers if necessary. You are important to us and we want to help you to the best of our abilities.
  • Report all injuries to Flexicrew immediately
    • Regardless of severity we need to be informed of your work site injury.
  • Call your local Flexicrew office and the company you are working with if circumstances prevent you from making it to work
    • If your car breaks down on the way to work and you’ll be late or you are sick and will be unable to make it to work, call our office to let us know so that we can inform our client. You should also call the supervisor of the work site and inform them of your issue.
  • Always have the correct PPE
    • Always wear the proper Personal Protection Equipment at every job site. Typical PPE includes but is not limited to steel toe boots, safety vests, hard hats, and safety glasses.  Please participate in all safety meetings or Job Security Analysis (JSA) meetings.
  • Be responsible for your own time
    • A client may mistakenly delete your time for a specific day; accidents do happen. That is why it is always best to keep a track of the days and hours you work while on assignment with Flexicrew. We offer carbon copy timesheets to our employees. You may also elect to keep track of your hours, supervisor(s), and job location(s) in a personal notebook.

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