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The workplace has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Baby boomers are retiring and a younger generation comes with a very different perception of what their workplace should be and the benefits they expect. Generation Y employees are looking for more feedback, responsibility and involvement in decision making and employers need to change in order to attract and retain these younger employees.

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Who can do this job if she quits?

A survey released in late 2011 found roughly one-third of employees are considering leaving their job. What?!

In 2012, 47% of all employees will be those born after 1977 (aka Generation Y). These employees have a different approach to work, and studies predict that this group will switch jobs frequently. So succession planning is key in maintaining the knowledge bank of the company. Cross-training also gives your employees a sense of empowerment when they understand multiple facets of your business.

Training can be fun

Corporate training and development is important but the focus should move from the traditional classroom style to programs that are social, informal and on-demand.

Think about using online training courses that are short in duration (30 minutes). Introduce more fun and games into meetings and training sessions and include point systems to foster friendly competition. Reward for performance – cash bonuses, PTO days, public recognition – as part of a benefit package are very successful retention tools.

Social Media in Human Resources

Businesses will need to better use social media to attract new talent to their organizations as well as use social media to retain those already in the company.

Recruiting and staffing companies are becoming much better with using social media tools as part of an overall talent acquisition strategy. Using a staffing company is a cost effective choice for overwhelmed HR teams of small to medium-sized businesses.

Work/Life Balance

The work/life balance required by Generation Y is different from what it was 50 years ago. As mobile devices like smart phones and tablets have us plugged in to the company 24/7, employees sometimes require alternative work solutions. Perhaps offering occasional telecommuting could be an option for your business.

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