Flexicrew’s Veteran Recruiting Program

The Soldier was a fighter— a trained military “lifer.” He planned to retire from military service or die trying. If there was a college degree in military training, The Soldier would have a Master’s Degree in Combat. When a suicide bomber attempted to blow up a building The Soldier was in, he was fully prepared for the nearly six hour deadly fire fight that followed. He was not prepared, though, for what was to happen when the fighting ended.

A broken neck, a broken shoulder, and two herniated discs in his lower back were sure to prevent The Soldier from performing the tasks required of the job that he so dearly loved. Instead of accepting a desk job in the military that would be more accommodating of his injuries, he chose to end his contract and raise a family.

Flexicrew would like to thank The Soldier for his time spent serving our country as well as the time he spends working for our company. We would also like to thank him for volunteering to assist with our Veteran Recruiting Program. Flexicrew Staffing has committed to hiring 50 veterans through the recruiting program in 2013. If you are a veteran looking for work, or know someone who is, contact your local Flexicrew recruiting office or visit Flexicrew on the web for a list of open positions.

For more information on the Veterans Administration, visit VA.gov.

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