Why Is Working in Short Bursts So Powerful?

If you’ve tried working in short bursts, you are likely surprised at all you accomplished. And in a cluster of short periods of work. And this isn’t by mistake.  There are many reasons the human mind works better in short bursts than spending all day on one project.

working in short bursts is powerful

Short Term Goals

In goal setting, break up your largest goals into smaller pieces.  You’re more likely to stay motivated, on track, and focused.  This is because you have clear stepping stones to your goal. Breaking down your day of work functions in this same way.  You break your work into shorter goals making it easier for you to stay motivated and complete the work.

It Increases Problem Solving

When the human mind comes across a problem, it can easily become overstressed if it takes too much time focusing on the issue. And when  you overstress your mind, you’re unlikely to problem-solve effectively. When you break work into shorter bursts and take frequent breaks, this keeps your mind from getting overstressed. That really keeps you on the top of your problem-solving game!

It Mirrors The Attention Span

Although you’re an adult, you still have a maximum attention span, and at the end of this period, your mind will likely begin to wander.

So why fight human nature by scheduling yourself to work for long periods when your mind is bound to wander?


Why working in short bursts is powerful is it really improves performance. This productivity method works because 25 minutes is directly in line with the average adult human attention span.  This  method works with your nature of focus instead of against it.

It’s Easier To Resist Tempting Distractions

Distractions often draw workers away from their activities. Several distractions such as talking to coworkers, speaking on the phone, or a food break are particularly invasive.  You more easily resist the temptation of distractions distracted when you divide your work into smaller pieces .  That is effective because you know you will be free in a few minutes.  And it makes no sense to interrupt your workflow now.

When you don’t have a specified work time and know you have a full day that ends at a certain hour, you have no reason to avoid distractions.

Summing Up

Working in short bursts is powerful. Unlike other work methods, it works with human nature, rather than against it.  It holds your attention, keeping you motivated. You stop distractions in their tracks.

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